Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to Colorado For Richardson - the first online network in Colorado to support and promote the candidacy of Bill Richardson for President of the United States.

In the coming months, I plan to also establish a Colorado For Richardson website, which will be the web-twin for this group and will provide additional resources and information for those seeking to become part of a support network for Gov. Richardson's candidacy here in the Centennial State.

For a personal intro - my name is Michelle; I'm 25, and I'm a writer (speeches, articles, op-eds, novels, etc.). To learn more about me, and to read my work, please visit my website:

The presidency is not just an office - it's a trust. A collective trust of the hopes, dreams, and ideals of the people. When we elect a president, we want to elect a leader who we feel shares our collective hopes, dreams, and ideals. I support Gov. Richardson because I believe he can - and will!! - be one of the finest leaders our country has ever known. I believe he will carry, with honor and promise, the trust, dreams, hopes, and ideals of the American people. He is a man of honor, honesty, intelligence, wisdom, goodness, and integrity - and he will give the people of this great nation the noble, courageous leadership we deserve. The sun is rising on a new day for America - a new day of promise and spirit and hope - a day in which we can truly have trust and confidence in our president to act on our behalf and to have the best interest of this nation and its people at the forefront each and every day. America deserves such a president. You deserve such a president. Now is the time when we must stand up and support a man who will be such a president - Bill Richardson! Please join with me in a campaign to bring honor, honesty, intelligence, wisdom, integrity, and hope to the White House - and to each new day in America! Please join me in supporting the candidacy of Bill Richardson for President of the United States!

We live in an age where greatness is required of us - and of our leaders. So, together, we will do what is difficult – and we will achieve what is great – if we choose, always, to stand up and be counted. WE are the people. NOW is the time. Let us begin!

Bill Richardson For President!!!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, Wonderful start! I am so proud of you and getting you linked up right away.

Great job girl...come visit us down here!


Ken Camp said...

Welcome to the "for Richardson" family Michelle. We're glad to have you on board. I'm the founder of Washington for Richardson, which you can check out at

Looking forward to seeing your posts, and I'll be posting on CO for Richardson later today and putting a link to you on my blog.

Ken Camp said...

FYI, you can go check out America for Richardson at

I also contribute there, and they're the ones who started it all.

Ken Camp said...

Also, go check out The Bill Richardson Blog

Ian and Andrea are earlier supporters than I am and do a great job blogging on the Governor.

andrea said...

We are so excited to have you join our family! I know Ian is super happy since he is a native Coloradan. Welcome.

Sara said...

Welcome aboard the Richardson bandwagon!


Texas For Richardson

Don said...

What a wonderful writer. I enjoyed your comments and thoughts. You are a wonderful addition to the Richardson campaign. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Let's go for it....Go Richardson...Thanks Michelle for the truth about a great man and leader who will truly bring Americans together for a better country that is for all people. Keep it going.