Saturday, September 15, 2007

With a Full Heart...

Friends ~

My opportunities to post here on the blog have been sporadic over the past several months, as I have been serving as the Colorado Grassroots Director for our campaign, a position which kept me incredibly busy...and a position and opportunity which was an incredible honor, and for which I am profoundly grateful. I am now leaving this position to focus on other campaign-related projects. Below is my statement on my departure as Grassroots Director...

~ Michelle


For many years I have known and believed that Bill Richardson was the one person - the one candidate - who could truly restore hope and the American dream to our great nation. Having the honor and joy of being a part of this great and glorious campaign is an extraordinary blessing, journey, and adventure. And I am committed 100% to electing Bill Richardson the next President of the United States.

Last October, I had the great honor and privilege of founding and launching the Richardson for President movement here in Colorado. From day one, I have been inspired by the commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication of our wonderful supporters and volunteers. Your spirit and support have helped to launch one of the great and inspiring grassroots campaign movements in this country.

Founding Colorado for Richardson, and launching, organizing, shaping, and building this wonderful and inspiring grassroots movement has been one of the supreme and incredible honors of my life. And so it is with a heavy yet ever-hopeful heart that I now step down as the Colorado Grassroots Director. The outstanding event with Governor Richardson in Denver this past Monday was my last event as the director of our grassroots movement here in Colorado.

There are a number of reasons that led to my decision, but none of which I bore you all with. I have complete faith and confidence, though, that this is the right the decision. This is the right thing. And this is the right time.

This was a very difficult and very emotional decision for me. There come times and moments in your life when you have to walk the plank of change - and you know that you must - and that the time is right. Reaching the end of the plank, you have to jump. It's uncertain, but it's your future, and you know that it's the right thing and that it's what you must do. And you have to summon your courage and your strength to take that plunge into the future...and hopefully, always, with hope, optimism, and grace. I hope, with a full heart, that this is what I am now doing.

I'm extraordinarily proud and honored to have been involved in this campaign from the very beginning - since last summer. And I am certainly, by no means, leaving the campaign - but rather my role with the campaign is shifting and changing. My gift in life is writing and I look forward to hopefully being able to further use that gift to help Governor Richardson and our national campaign. As the Founder of Colorado for Richardson, I will certainly remain a strong and active member of the Colorado for Richardson organization and as a Colorado liaison for our grassroots campaign. I will also continue to run the Colorado for Richardson blog. It looks like I may also be doing some surrogate speaking for the campaign, so perhaps I will see some of you on the trail! I'm also looking forward to launching two national grassroots campaign efforts that I have long wanted to get out there to the public: a Young Americans for Richardson well as a humanitarian outreach effort which I hope will have a very positive and impactful effect - The Difference Makers - you can check out the preliminary parking page on

I'd like to take a brief moment now to thank some of the extraordinary and wonderful people - and friends - who have entered my life through this campaign, and whose work on this campaign is effecting tremendous and positive change and success:

My best friend, Cara Valente Compton of New Mexico - an immensely talented woman with an extraordinary spirit. An amazing blogger and online warrior and one of our campaign's crown jewels. Thank you for your friendship.

The remarkable Amanda Cooper, Governor Richardson's tireless Deputy Campaign Manager, who first introduced me to the Governor last year in Albuquerque.

Our awesome National Grassroots Director Jeff Gulko, whom I first met online last fall. What a huge responsibility you have, but an awesome job you're doing. And to Mara, Jeff's terrific right-hand goddess. You guys are great!

Also at Campaign HQ - Ben Chao, Dan Sena, Pahl Shipley, Charles Compton, and Joaquin Guerra. Joaquin - I still can't believe that you, Amanda, and I spent an hour and half jammed on that crowded elevator on election night...definitely something I don't think we'll ever forget. If that's not campaign bonding, I don't know what is! :)
Also to the terrific Josh McNeil our campaign's Nevada communications director - a great guy doing a great job. We're going to win Nevada!

Fellow State Grassroots Leaders - Ken Camp, Ken Bulko, Kristin Neville, Bentley Davis, and Marsha Kelly - we've been in this together from the beginning. You guys are outstanding and working with you has been an honor.

My incredible grassroots regional coordinators and leaders here in Colorado - Tim Kubik, Bridget Cassidy, Jonathan Marks, Karen McKinnon, and Hannah Angst - Working with you as we built this grassroots team and effort here in Colorado has been a supreme honor and privilege and I know I'm leaving this organization in brilliant and capable hands.

To my good friends with whom I had the honor and joy of working with as we founded the awesome site Richardson Brings Hope ( - Cara Valente Compton, Charles Compton, Jeff Gulko, Ken Bulko, and Marsha Kelly. Bill Richardson does bring hope to this campaign and to our country. I believe that our special site made an impactful difference and I thank you for including me. -- And Jeff & Ken, I still think we sound like a law firm: Gulko, Bulko, and Lindsey. :)

And finally - and most of all - to Governor Richardson. Thank you for your support, approval, and encouragement of my efforts here in Colorado. It is with your spirit of hope, inclusion, and optimism that I tried to build and shape our grassroots movement here. I've heard it said that "a campaign is its supporters" - and while in many ways that's very true, a campaign is also and most importantly its candidate - and you are the only candidate who can truly restore hope, optimism, and the American dream to our country. I'm here. I will continue to work on your behalf and on behalf of our campaign. I support Bill Richardson for President. And I Believe.

Thank you all. Working as the Colorado Grassroots Director has been an extraordinary honor and experience. With a full heart, I turn over the reigns of our Colorado grassroots organization to our awesome Denver Co-Coordinator Tim Kubik, who I know will be an outstanding Grassroots State Coordinator. I will still be here and will be supporting your efforts every step of the way, Tim.

I look forward to stepping now into the next phase of my journey with our campaign. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you and to continuing working with you until the day we see Bill Richardson inaugurated as the next President of the United States.

We're going to win this thing - and we're going to change this country!

Richardson for America ~ I Believe!

-- Michelle Lindsey

Michelle Lindsey
Colorado Grassroots Director
Bill Richardson for President

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Richardson Goes Green in New Ad


SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson is airing a new ad in Iowa about his proposals to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil.
“We’ve relied on foreign oil and paid too much for gas long enough,” Richardson says in the 30-second television spot, which resembles an ad from his 2006 gubernatorial re-election campaign.
The ad opens with Richardson standing outside speaking. His image then becomes part of his campaign’s Web site. A viewer gets the impression of navigating the site as Richardson’s image moves from one energy topic to another as he talks about that issue.
Richardson’s gubernatorial re-election campaign ran an ad on education policy last year that used a similar Web site structure.
In the ad that began airing Tuesday, Richardson says, “On clean energy, a 30-second TV ad isn’t enough time. But my Web site can show you why the Sierra Club called my plan ‘much more aggressive.”
The firm producing his presidential ads, Murphy Putnam Media of Alexandria, Va., also handled his gubernatorial ads.
Richardson unveiled his energy plan earlier this year. Among his proposals is an increase in fuel economy standards for vehicles to 50 miles a gallon by 2020, up from about 25 miles per gallon currently.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

13% in Iowa!!!

A new Iowa poll by American Research Group has Hillary Clinton in the lead at 30 %.
John Edwards is at 21 % - followed by Barack Obama with 15 %.

Gov. Bill Richardson is in a close fourth place with 13 %.

Of special note: The results when likely caucus goers are broken down between Democrats, and those claiming no party affiliation, Gov. Richardson is in first place among those with no party affiliation, with Obama in second.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Richardson Rising!!! New Iowa poll numbers!!!


A new Research 2000 poll conducted for KCCI in Iowa shows Edwards still leading with 27%, followed by Clinton at 22% and Obama at 16%.
Also breaking double-digits, Bill Richardson at 11%.
In May, Research 2000 had Clinton in the lead with 28%, followed by Edwards at 26% and Obama at 22%, with Richardson at 7%. So only Edwards and Richardson saw their numbers go up (though Edwards' inch up was statistically insignificant). Of significance, both Clinton and Obama went down.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barbara Richardson in South Carolina

Our very own wonderful and special Barbara Richardson - the next First Lady of the United States - gives a charming and lovely speech in Charleston ---- check it out! Go Barbara! :) And come visit us in Colorado!! I'd love to have the honor of introducing you! ;)

Vote for our Gov !!!

Friends -

Below are links to some important visibility polls that are currently underway. Please visit each of these sites and vote for Governor Richardson! This will only take a few moments of your time. We are currently leading by a very wide margin in the South Carolina poll!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

South Carolina post-debate poll:

AOL CNN/YouTube July 23rd debate poll (scroll down, center of page):

Daily Kos CNN/YouTube July 23rd debate poll (scroll down, center of page):

Nevada poll:

Daily Kos poll of Richardson favorability rating:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Reminder: CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate

Reminder: CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate

Charleston, South Carolina

5:00 pm Mountain Time -- Monday, July 23 -- Live on CNN

Team Richardson's in the house and going to rock South Carolina!!

...and Colorado. ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

YouTube Debate -- Submit a question for Governor Richardson!

Hi Friends -

I apologize for not posting much of many of you know, I'm the Colorado Grassroots Director for our campaign and that keeps me incredibly busy....I'm also working on a screenplay for an Academy Award winning actress, which is also intensely time consuming. So - I apologize for not posting this sooner, as I know this is time sensitive, but this has been an incredibly hectic week for me.

The CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate will be held in Charleston, South Carolina on Monday. If you have the equipment and capacity to record a video of yourself for the web, you can record and submit a question for Governor Richardson for the debate! YouTube has said that they have not received as many questions as they'd hoped for -- so if you would like to submit a video question, now is the time!

You can go to to submit your question! Sunday is the deadline for submitting questions!

Thank you for your continued support of Governor Richardson and our campaign to bring hope and promise back to America!

Together, we're going to change this country!

Thanks -

Submit your questions for the YouTube/CNN debate on

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Awesome Celebs who think that Richardson Rocks

Below is a list of some of the celebrities who have donated to Governor Richardson's campaign.
I extend to them my personal and immense gratitude. And as I'm certain that they all read this blog on a regular basis, I also ask them to please contact me regarding a few screenplays I'm writing -- yes, that means you, Michael, Val, Steven, Bette, Sherry, Jodie, and Mr. Newman. ;)

Seriously - I thank you all for your wisdom in donating to the candidate whose experience, leadership, and vision will get America back on track and lead us into a more prosperous, peaceful, and hopeful future!


Donation to:

* Michael Douglas, actor: $3100
* Val Kilmer, actor: $2300
* Paul Newman, actor: $2300
* Edward James Olmos, actor: $2300
* Wendie Malick, “Just Shoot Me” actress: $500
* Steven Spielberg, director: $2300
* Kate Capshaw, actress, wife of Steven Spielberg: $2300
* Jodie Foster, actress: $1000
* Christie Brinkley, self-described as “Model/Mom/Environmental activist”: $500
* Bette Midler, actress/singer: $4600
* Sherry Lansing, former film executive: $2300
* William Friedkin, director: $2300
* James L. Brooks, producer/writer: $1000

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Launch of Colorado Bloggers for Bill and Action/Outreach Team

Help Restore Hope and Promise to America -- Join the Colorado Bloggers for Bill and Action/Outreach Team

Friends -

I have a new volunteer opportunity to offer:

I'm assembling a Bloggers for Bill program - an Action/Internet Outreach Team.

By joining this important team, you would be agreeing to frequently post pro-Richardson messages on Colorado political blogs as well as national political blogs. You would also frequently write letters to your local newspapers (and national publications such as USA Today, Newsweek, Time, US News & World Report, etc.). Additionally, you would be encouraged to call in to radio stations to help spread the good news about Governor Richardson's candidacy. Your goal, with each of these efforts, would be to positively talk-up the Governor, his ideas, policies, experience, etc -- as well as why you support him and feel that he is the right - and best - leadership choice for our country.

We will work on assembling a draft for you to use in these communications (such as when you send in LTE's) -- but it will also be important for you to add your own personal intonations to the letters, as we want these communications to come from your heart and not all sound exactly the same to the newspapers when they read them....I don't want them to think that we're just generating mass, non-personal mailings. ;) One of the most awesome things about our campaign is the great heart and soul commitment, belief, dedication, and support of our volunteers: YOU.

This is an important and impactful way for you to volunteer your time to help Governor Richardson's candidacy.
If you would like to be added to our Action Team and Colorado Bloggers for Bill, please e-mail me ( and I'll put you on the list!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Together, we're going to change America!

-- Michelle

Michelle Lindsey
Colorado Grassroots Director
Bill Richardson for President

Richardson Brings Hope ~ And Hope is the American Dream

Join the Official Colorado for Richardson Group

Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Special July 4th Message from Governor Bill Richardson

On Independence Day, I'm Grateful

By Governor Bill Richardson

Today as we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our great nation we remember the sacrifice of those who fought for freedom in 1776, and those who have fought to preserve that freedom ever since. There are approximately 150,000 brave American men and women serving in Iraq, more than 24,000 in Afghanistan, and tens of thousands more serving around the world. Each of us owes all of them a tremendous debt of gratitude.
More than 3,987 American troops have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They died serving their country, and they are heroes. My wife Barbara and I send our thoughts and our prayers to the families and loved ones of those who have fallen, and we ask all of you to remember and honor them, and never forget what they have sacrificed on behalf of this nation.
This is a day not for partisan politics, but for grateful remembrance and joyous celebration. A day of optimism and hope. A day to remember that we live in the greatest nation on earth, where our best days are still ahead of us. A day to celebrate our freedom, but also to remember that freedom comes at a cost.
God bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Richardson Making Noise in New Hampshire

From CNN:

GREENVILLE, New Hampshire (CNN) — How do you make noise as a second-tier candidate for president in a crowded field? Bang a pot!
That’s what Democratic hopeful
Bill Richardson did in New Hampshire — a state he currently has to himself among his Democratic opponents — at midnight Tuesday to ring in the July 4th holiday.
Richardson marched and hammed it up with Greenville residents in their annual Pots and Pans Parade.
The parade dates back to World War I, involving pots and wooden spoons and a lot of noise to mark the holiday at midnight. There was plenty of music free of cooking utensils too — and the New Mexico governor was spotted dancing to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”.
Richardson is spending the Fourth of July marching in parades and visiting with voters around the early-voting state.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

URGENT: Make a Difference -- Donate Tonight!!

Friends -

It's paramount that we contribute whatever amount we can spare before midnight tonight!!!

I realize that we can't all contribute large sums -- but it isn't about large sums -- this is about all of us contributing an amount, no matter how small. Just as every vote counts - every cent counts.

I have set up a special fundraising site exclusively for Colorado for Richardson. I'd like to request that any of you who plan to make donations, to PLEASE donate through this site on the Richardson for President site:

This is our official Colorado for Richardson fundraising site -- and by all of us making our donations exclusively through this site, we can keep track of the total amount we've raised in Colorado and show the Governor the vast support he has in our state!

So please make your campaign donations through this site:

Thank you all so much for any amount that you can give at this time! Also - please forward this message to your friends and family and ask them to please consider a donation to Governor Richardson's campaign to change America!

We're making a difference!

Thanks -


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Help Bill Richardson End the Iraq War:

From Governor Bill Richardson:

I've been saying it for months. And just this morning, at the Take Back America conference, I made it crystal clear: my position on Iraq is totally different than every other candidate.

I want to start bringing ALL of our troops home right now -- every last one.

While other candidates push plans to get troops out sometime in Spring 2008, I am calling for all troops out in 6 months.

And, perhaps more importantly, while every other major candidate voted for or supported recent legislation with loopholes that allow Bush to leave an indeterminate number of troops indefinitely in Iraq, I want ALL of our troops out -- every last one.

That means no airbases, no embedded soldiers training Iraqi forces, no troops in the Green Zone. Zero troops. I would leave the customary small marine contingent at the embassy, but if that became unsafe, then I'd bring them home too.

I've had my campaign set up a website with the sole purpose of generating the grassroots support needed to get our troops home:

And I hope you will join me.

Sign the petition calling on Congress to end the war NOW and bring ALL the troops home.

Here's the deal: over 70% of Iraqis want us out of their country. Over 60% think its okay to kill Americans. At the rate we're losing American lives, over one thousand American troops will be killed this year alone. In a war where our troops are the #1 target, who are the poor souls we'd choose to leave behind?

Every indication is that Iraq is not getting safer -- it's getting more and more dangerous. Waiting until September to act will only lead to more lost American soldiers. We must act now.

That is why I am calling on Congress to de-authorize and end this war BEFORE they leave for their summer break.

The American people are with me -- we want this war over NOW and ALL the troops out.

Now we just have to pressure those in power to do what they've been elected to do.

I have had it with cautious leadership -- we need bold action. Congress can end this war now -- but they seem dead-set on waiting until the fall to do anything. I see no reason to give George Bush any more time to come up with absurd excuses and stalling tactics to drag out this war any longer.

Thank you for joining me to end this war now, and bring all of our troops home.


Bill Richardson

Friday, June 15, 2007

Colorado Springs to host 2008 Colorado Democratic State Convention!

The 2008 Colorado Democratic State Convention will be held in Colorado Springs!

The Road to the White House will go through Colorado Springs!

The following is from the blog of Colorado Democratic State Party First Vice Chair Dan Slater:

Remember Weld County? Remember how they were so red for years that the election of Jim Riesberg to represent Greeley in 2004 was seen as a fluke by many? Then, do you remember how we held our 2006 State Assembly in Greeley? Maybe you didn't notice, but people came from out of the woodwork to help put on a great event in Greeley for us. Those volunteers didn't just go back home and sit in their easy chairs after the Island Grove Events Center was cleaned up. Instead, they spread out across the communities of Weld County and worked for victory in 2006.

Then, something amazing happened. Bill Ritter -- a Democrat -- won Weld County. Now, I'm not saying it was all due to that little soiree we held at Island Grove in May that did it. But I think most folks would agree that it helped.
Last night, the members of the State Party's Site Selection Committee made another historic decision: they are recommending that the road to the Democratic National Convention in Denver go through Colorado Springs. They are recommending that the road to the second Democratic United States Senator from Colorado go through Colorado Springs. To be fair, the decision was not easy. Broomfield Democrats put together an amazing bid; I was foaming at the mouth to be able to produce a state convention and assembly at the new Broomfield Events Center. But there were just too many advantages to going to El Paso County to ignore, and that's why the decision by the Committee was unanimous.

Here's some of the Party's press release this morning:

DENVER, Colorado

The Colorado Democratic Partys Site Selection Committee last evening unanimously voted to recommend that the 2008 State Democratic Convention and Assembly be held at the World Arena in Colorado Springs. The decision followed intensive work, including site visits, by leaders of both Colorado Springs and Broomfield to woo the Democrats to their respective communities. Pursuant to Party rules, the Partys Executive Committee will vote in July on whether to accept the recommendation.CDP First Vice Chair and Site Selection Committee Chair Dan Slater talked about the process. "The members of the Site Selection Committee have worked extremely hard over the past two months to ensure that every possible angle of these bids have been examined. While we were very impressed with the bid from Broomfield, in the end, the bid from El Paso County Democrats excelled in every area: technical, political, and in terms of community support. El Paso Countys Democratic Party has proven to be one of the most energetic in the state, and we are confident that they will be the ideal hosts for us in May of 2008."
State Party Chair Pat Waak praised the work of the Committee. "I am very pleased that we had such a hard-working group of people willing to work on this task. Im confident the Executive Committee will support their recommendation, and Im excited to nominate our next United States Senator in Colorado Springs." Waak said that the choice of historically-Republican El Paso County meshed well with the Partys "64-County Strategy". "Were competing in all parts of this state. Democrats have better ideas, are better organized, and have better candidates. To consistently win statewide, we have to be willing to take on Republicans everywhere, and were doing that. Colorado Springs is changing, as weve seen with the elections of Representative Michael Merrifield and Senator John Morse. Were proud to honor those changing dynamics by bringing the state to Colorado Springs next May."
This was the second time the Colorado Democratic Party had used a competitive site selection process to choose the site for the state assembly/convention. In 2005, the Party chose Greeley as its site for the 2006 State Assembly, and the resulting energy from that event is partially credited by many for Governor Bill Ritters historic victory in Weld County in 2006. The Site Selection Committee is comprised of 10 members, plus a non-voting chair, appointed by the State Party Chair. Of the ten members, at least one must come from each of Colorados seven Congressional Districts, guaranteeing geographical diversity. A Request for Proposals was sent out to each county Democratic chair in April, 2007, with Broomfield and Colorado Springs submitting bids in May, 2007.As noted, the decision has yet to be ratified by the State Executive Committee, which will likely be meeting on July 21 in Pueblo. But I'm hopeful that the Executive Committee will see the same advantages we saw and endorse this decision.
Dan Slater: "I had to drive through Colorado Springs to get back home last night. Since there was already a fundraiser for Representative Michael Merrifield and Senator John Morse going on, I thought I'd stop by and somewhat-informally congratulate the El Paso Dems on their success.
There just happened to be a reporter from the Colorado Springs Gazette there, and here's some of what is up on the Gazette today:
A site-selection committee for the state party unanimously agreed Wednesday that Democrats hold the partys 2008 state convention in Colorado Springs. The partys executive committee still must ratify the recommendation next month, but several sources said thats merely a formality. The May convention will be a two-day affair at several hotels and the World Arena, culminating in the expected nomination of Congressman Mark Udall as the partys U.S. Senate nominee. It is a separate event from the weeklong Democratic National Convention that will be held next summer in Denver. Still, the state convention is expected to attract 6,500 peo- ple, most of whom will come from outside the area, staying at city hotels and eating in local restaurants. No figures were available late Wednesday on the exact economic impact, but Mayor Lionel Rivera, who wrote a letter to support the bid, said Republican state conventions that have been here have typically filled all the hotel rooms in the southwest part of town. "Were going to play everywhere, including the reddest parts of the state," Dan Slater, chairman of the selection committee, told Democratic leaders at The Warehouse restaurant. "This county is in play." His optimism as well as the idea of a state Democratic convention in El Paso County would have seemed laughable in mid-2002, when no Democrats held local office and Libertarians put more candidates onto the ballot here. State Rep. Mike Merrifield, a Colorado Springs Democrat elected in the fall of that year, said he would have been "shocked" by such an announcement at that time. But local Democrats put together an enticing package this year, showing that hotels and the convention could be within walking distance of each other. They also emphasized the importance of El Paso County Democratic votes to winning statewide races. "Pretty clearly, the state party recognizes the tectonic shift thats occurring in El Paso County," said state Sen. John Morse, D-Colorado Springs. A tectonic shift indeed. And we're just beginning...
As a resident of Colorado Springs, I am thrilled by this exciting news -- and I look forward to a strong show of support for Governor Richardson -- at BOTH of next year's Colorado conventions!!
Together, we're going to change America!
Richardson for President ~ I Believe!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mea Culpa

Hi friends -

I apologize for not updating the blog as often as I used to.

I've been insanely busy of late....

As many of you know, I'm the Grassroots Director for the Richardson Campaign in Colorado....a position and effort which is quite time-consuming.

I also have my other life and job as a writer...which is also very time-consuming as I'm currently at work on a number of different projects.

I'm also preparing the launch of an exciting new website and program for Richardson supporters across the country. (More details to follow soon.)

Additionally, I've been helping out my Dad, as he recently started a new job and needed my assistance with a few things.

I'm trying to do it all...and do it all well...but sometimes that's easier said than done, as there are only so many hours in the day. I promise to try and update the blog as frequently as I can....please forgive me, though, when I get a little behind.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

-- Michelle


Michelle Lindsey
Colorado Grassroots Director
Bill Richardson for President

The Official Colorado for Richardson Group - Join Today:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Event with Governor Bill Richardson in Pueblo

Hi friends:
Here are the details on the event with Governor Richardson, in Pueblo, on Friday, June 8.
I will be in attendance and look forward to hopefully seeing some of you there!
If you plan to attend, please e-mail me at as I need to give the folks in Pueblo a tentative head-count.
-- Michelle
Michelle Lindsey
Colorado Grassroots Director
Bill Richardson for President


Please Join
Lawrence & Julie Anaya * Dr. Tom Autobee * Debbie Duran * Terry Hart
Deborah Kalb * Ray & Linda Kogovsek * Joe & Jim Koncilja
Del & Joyce Olivas * Bo, Gilbert, Diana & Rudy Ortiz * Jane Wilson
Wally & Sharon Stealey * Senator Abel Tapia * Ken & Gala White * Michelle Lindsey

For a cocktail reception with

Governor Bill Richardson
Candidate for President of the United States

Friday, June 8, 2007
Pueblo, Colorado

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Pre-Reception at the Koncilja Law Offices
125 B Street, Pueblo, CO
$1,000 – Patron * $2,300 - Leadership Circle

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Lunch at the Olde Carriage House on the River Walk
102 S. Victoria, Pueblo, CO
$100 – Guest * $250 - Friend

To RSVP -- please contact Katherine Dey at 202-543-3182

Please make checks payable to Bill Richardson for President, Inc. and mail to
JYP Consulting, 303 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E. Washington DC 20002 or bring with you to the event. Contributions to Bill Richardson for President , Inc. are not tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes, and are limited to $2,300 per individual ($4,600 per couple) per election. Federal multi-candidate PACs may contribute $5,000 per election.
Paid for by Bill Richardson for President, Inc.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Events with Governor Bill Richardson - in Denver - June 7

Hi friends:

Here are the details on the two events with Governor Richardson, in Denver, on Thursday, June 7.

-- Michelle
Michelle Lindsey
Colorado Grassroots Director
Bill Richardson for President


Please Join
Polly Baca * Hon. Alice Borodkin * Joan Coplan * Tom Downey * Tim Kubik
Lawrence Martinez * Joelle Martinez * Ramona Martinez * Debbie Marquez
Bill Mitchell * JW Postal * Mike & Sara Stratton

For a cocktail reception with

Governor Bill Richardson
Candidate for President of the United States

Thursday, June 7, 2007
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
American G.I. Forum –Mile High Chapter
1717 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO
Sponsor - $250
Friend - $100

To RSVP please contact Katherine Dey at 202-543-3182 or


Please Join
Linda Alvarado * Steve Arent * Polly Baca * Rep. Alice Borodkin * Josh Brodbeck * Norm Brownstein * John Chase * Don Ciancio * David Cole * Joan Coplan * Rev. Patrick Demmer * Tom Downey * Richard Evans * Cole Finegan * John Frew * Bob Hanfling * Hon. Mark Hogan * Michael Huttner * Greg Kolomitz * Ramona Martinez * Lawrence M. Martinez * Bill Mitchell * JW Postal * Mark & Kathryn Raynes * Rick Reiter * Blair Richardson * Gil Roman * Alan Schwartz * Mike & Sara Stratton * Tom Strickland * Ted Trimpa * Jamie Whyte

For a cocktail reception with

Governor Bill Richardson
Candidate for President of the United States

Thursday, June 7, 20077:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Home of Blair & Kristin Richardson
1991 East Alameda Avenue, House #1
Denver, CO 80209


* $2,300 - Richardson Leadership Circle * * $1,000 - Patron *

To RSVP please go to click here or contact Katherine Dey at 202-543-3182 or
If you cannot make it to the event but would still like to make a contribution, click here.

Richardson leading Hillary in New Hampshire poll -- Go vote for our Gov!!

Friends and Team Richardson members -

New Hampshire's WMUR (one of the hosts of Sunday's debate) is running a poll on who won the debate.
Gov. Richardson is leading Hillary 32% to 30%!!! (and is far and away from the other candidates)

I know we've been madly passing the word on this all day - but let's stay with it!!

Let's win this one for Team Richardson!!!

Go to: and look for the survey, to the right of "Conversation with The Candidates" (half way down on the right). Go now and vote for our favorite Governor!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Debate Videos

YouTube videos of Governor Richardson at Sunday's New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Debate:

Campaign Press Release: Governor Bill Richardson Has Strong Showing in Second Democratic Presidential Debate

Official press release from the Richardson Campaign:
Governor Bill Richardson Has Strong Showing in Second Democratic Presidential Debate

Governor Richardson's strong and bold positions on key issues show the clear difference between real experience and political rhetoric

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE— At tonight's Democratic Presidential debate in New Hampshire, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson tonight firmly established himself as the candidate with the strongest positions on the key challenges facing this country and showed that he is the most qualified to be the next President of the United States.

"The other candidates have policy positions and Bill Richardson has real-world experience dealing with those challenges," said David Contarino, Governor Richardson's campaign manager. "Tonight he separated himself from the other candidates and showed voters in New Hampshire and across the country that he will be a strong and effective President that can bring this country together and restore America's standing in the world."

On Iraq:
Bill Richardson has the strongest plan to get US forces out of Iraq without leaving residual troops. Congress should vote, before the summer recess, to de-authorize the Iraq War under Article I and the War Powers Act and to withdraw all US forces- with no residual troops – within six months after that vote.

On Energy and Global Warming
Governor Richardson is calling for a "man-on-the-moon" effort, a ten-year intensive plan to reduce our dependence on oil by 50% and our global warming pollution by at least 20%. He is proposing tough fuels mileage standards for vehicles and incentives to stimulate production of more efficient and alternative fuel vehicles. The Governor also believes that a mandatory carbon emission cap-and-trade program will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The League of Conservation Voters calls Governor Richardson's plan the "most aggressive of all the candidates", and the Sierra Club says Governor Richardson has "raised the bar."
Health Care
Governor Richardson believes in universal health care to provide quality, affordable coverage for all Americans. His plan would give people the choice to keep their current coverage or obtain coverage through an existing, well-established program. The Richardson plan can be paid for without raising taxes and will not create a new bureaucracy. The plan will also ensure our Veterans have the quality health care they deserve by providing them with a Hero's Health Card, meaning they can get care at a provider of their choice instead of traveling long distances to the closest VA facility.
Governor Richardson was the only candidate to say he will make education a priority, including increasing teacher salaries (including a national minimum wage for teachers), access to pre-k for all four year olds, eliminating junk food from schools, mandating physical education in schools, and giving every American the chance to attend college or vocational school.
The Governor is very familiar with Sudan and the conflict in Darfur and believes the United States must lead the world in helping to stop the genocide that has already claimed more than 200,000 lives. The US must use every available diplomatic tool, including the possibility of the US boycotting the upcoming summer Olympics, to persuade China to pressure Sudan to allow UN peacekeeping forces into Darfur.
Governor Richardson believes in comprehensive immigration reform that includes dramatically improving border security, enforcing sanctions against employers that knowingly hire illegal workers, using diplomacy to engage Mexico, and creating an earned path to legalization for the 12 million undocumented immigrants already in the country, providing they meet strict requirements- passing a background check, learning English, paying fines and back taxes, and following a detailed application procedure. The Governor believes keeping families together must be a priority with any immigration plan, and he will not support any guest worker program that does not provide basic worker protections and could create a permanent underclass of immigrant worker.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

CNN: Richardson appears to be winning sign wars

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CNN) — He may be fourth in most polls, but New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson appears to be winning the sign wars here in Manchester.
We did an informal count of the number of campaign posters and signs as we drove from downtown Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city, to Saint Anselm College, where tonight’s debate is being held — and the winner appears to be the New Mexico Democrat.
There were Richardson signs on the front lawns of just about every house as we drove through a residential area right next to campus.
We’re giving second place in our informal poll to former Sen. John Edwards. There were a number of Edwards supporters posted at all four corners of a busy intersection about two miles from the debate site. And just outside of the school, there’s a large Edwards banner on an elevated platform machine.
Supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton apparently will not be out done. Just four driveways up the street from the Edwards banner, there was an even larger Clinton banner on another such cherry-picker machine.
There were a few Dodd and Biden signs, but we didn’t witness any signs or supporters for Sen. Barack Obama.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Awesome Daily Kos Diary

My friend Cara of New Mexicans for Richardson has a terrific diary up over on Daily Kos:

Please read and pass it on!!

Democratic Presidential Debate

Hi friends -

Just a reminder that the next Democratic Presidential Debate is tomorrow - Sunday, June 3.
The debate will air live (7:00 Eastern, 5:00 Mountain), from New Hampshire, on CNN.

Please watch and tell all your friends and family to tune in as well!

To join the virtual Richardson for President Debate Party please go here:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

TV ALERT: Gov. Richardson on "Meet the Press" - Tomorrow (Sunday)

Hi friends -

I hope that everyone is having a nice holiday weekend!

Just an FYI for everyone:

Governor Richardson will be the guest on NBC's "Meet the Press" - Tomorrow (Sunday, May 27).

Check your local listings for channel number and program air time.

Please watch and encourage your friends and family to tune in as well!


From NBC:
In the fourth installment of our "Meet the Candidate" Series, Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) joins us for the full hour to discuss his 2008 presidential bid. The exclusive interview will originate live, from our NBC studios in Washington, D.C. Find out where Richardson stands on the major issues facing the country as our in-depth "Meet the Candidate" interviews continue.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gov. Richardson's official announcement to be carried live on CNN

Governor Richardson's official announcement of candidacy for President of the United States will be carried live tomorrow (Monday) on CNN - at 1:00 pm Eastern time (11:00 am Mountain time) - from Los Angeles, California.

For those of you who will not have access to a television at that time, I will have the video of the announcement up here, on the blog, later in the day.

Hot New Poll Numbers!!!

A new Zogby poll has Governor Richardson polling at 10% in New Hampshire --- and a fresh Des Moines Register poll has the Governor at 10% in Iowa!!!

The times they are a changin' !!!

~ Richardson for President - I Believe! ~

Blog Updates

Hi friends -

I want to apologize for not updating the blog in a couple of days. I've been ill and have gotten behind on a few things.

I have a number of updates that I'm going to post this afternoon and evening, so please check back later...

I have some exciting news about new poll numbers in Iowa & New Hampshire. (Guess who's polling in the double digits now??!!!!) I also have some information on the Governor's big announcement tomorrow, as well as awesome new additions to the campaign website, and ways that everyone can get involved to help the Governor's campaign - in Colorado and across the country!

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm!

Together, we're going to change America!!!

-- Michelle

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Governor Richardson's Energy Plan : Act Boldy, Act Now

Act Boldly, Act Now

In order to make America a Clean Energy Nation, as I made New Mexico a Clean Energy State, we need a man-on-the-moon program to end our addiction to oil and abate our global warming crisis. And we need to do it must faster and much more boldly that most people are suggesting. Some politicians and some industry people will say we can’t do what I propose – I say we need to change fast or sink slowly. Now is the time for bold actions, clear vision, and complete commitment.

Consider this a call to action, for Congress, the energy industry, and the public. I am calling for a new American revolution – an energy and climate revolution. And I am calling on you to join it.

My Plan:

** Cut oil demand: 50% by 2020 **
We must reduce oil imports from around 65% to 10%. We can reach these goals in part by getting the 100 mile per gallon (mpg) car into the marketplace, push fuel economy standards to 50 mpg by 2020, and set a life-cycle low-carbon fuel standard that reduces the carbon impact of our liquid fuels by 30% by 2020, including increasing use of alternative fuels.

** Change to renewable sources for electricity: 50% by 2040 **
I am calling for a national renewable electricity source portfolio standard of 30% by 2020 – which will rise to 50% by 2040. This is aggressive, but necessary as we start using more electricity for automobiles. I will push for an energy productivity law requiring a 20% improvement in energy productivity by 2020. We could easily save customers $21 billion a year by 2020. Also, my market-based cap and trade program for greenhouse gas emissions will create incentives for the electric and industrial sectors to make significant reductions in their carbon emissions.

** Dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions: 90% by 2050 **
20% by 2020, and 80% by 2040 -- ten years faster than scientists say is necessary, because we must lead the world, and we can’t afford the possibility of backsliding and inaction. We will start with a market-based cap and trade system. Economists say the world can protect itself from drastic climate change at a cost of 1-3% of our economic activity. We can afford to protect the climate. Given the risks of catastrophic climate change, we can’t afford not to.

** Lead by example and restore America as the world’s leader **
We must return to the international negotiating table and support mandatory world-wide limits on global warming pollution. We will work closely with fast-growing nations and, as President, I will cooperate with the European Union, the World Bank, and other allies to help finance the small cost of “doing it right.” I will create a North American Energy Council with Mexico and Canada, which supply about 20% of our oil, and make sure our relations with these neighbors are firm and friendly. As we reduce our demand for foreign oil, we should work with the Persia Gulf nations, and our partners in consuming nations and the United Nations Security Council, to try to create a multilateral system for protecting the Gulf so that within ten years the U.S. presence there could be sharply and safely reduced.

** Get it all done without breaking the bank **
We will raise some revenue from the sales of carbon permits, for example. Further, I will get out the “green scissors” to cut back on wrongly-placed tax subsidies. Over time, this program will yield huge productivity increases in our economy, as well as significant budget savings and revenues. We will create more than ten times as much value in the American economy by reducing our oil imports as we spend to make this program happen.

On energy policy, we need to change fast or sink slowly. We need to act boldly and act now. Defy conventional wisdom and join the revolution -- endorse Governor Richardson bold new agenda for an American energy and climate revolution.

Join the Richardson for President campaign:

Governor Bill Richardson Will Be America's Energy President

Governor Bill Richardson Will Be America's Energy President

Calls for Fast, Comprehensive Energy Revolution
Proposals Dramatically Reduce Oil Consumption, Incentivize Alternative Vehicle Market, and Save Consumers Thousands in Fueling Costs

WASHINGTON, DC - Governor Bill Richardson today unveiled a bold new Energy and Climate Policy Plan at a speech to the New America Foundation.

"Gasoline is back up over $3 a gallon and people are hurting," stated Governor Richardson. "Retail sales are down, as many American households do not have income to spread across high gasoline costs and other life expenses. Consumers are hurting because US energy markets are not diverse and competitive, and because we have fed our addiction to oil instead of ending it."

"We need an aggressive national energy and climate policy that helps Americans who are struggling to heat their homes, fill their gas tanks and that moves us to safe, available alternatives as quickly as possible. We also need a policy that will help the US meet the two great challenges of our era: energy security and global warming."

Today, I'm going to stake my claim to being the next President, the Energy President, on the concept of a fast, comprehensive energy revolution in the United States," stated Governor Bill Richardson. "We need a man on the moon program to end our oil addiction, but we need it faster and bolder than others have suggested."

Governor Richardson's five point framework breaks our oil addiction, creates competition and value for consumers, strengthens our national security, creates American jobs and will the lead the world toward effective climate protection.

Goal 1--
By 2020, dramatically reduce oil consumption by as much as 10 million through a series of bold measures:
Get low and zero petroleum plug-in cars into the marketplace, while sharply reducing the carbon emissions from our electric sector. The pure-electric vehicle offers simplicity and performance for an average daily commute in our larger metro areas, while the plug-in electric car or truck provides more range and flexibility for people who drive longer distances, as it can extend gas mileage above 100 miles per gallon.
Create a well-to-wheels low carbon fuel requirement that reduces carbon impact of our liquid fuels by 30% by 2020, including ethanol and biodiesel. Requiring conventionally powered cars and trucks, to be flex fuel capable and provide tax credits to the first 10% of gasoline retailers who install renewable fuel pumps.
Push fuel economy standards to 50 miles per gallon by 2020.
Reduce oil consumption for other modes of transportation-ships, trains, trucks and planes through new technologies, such as fuel-switching to electricity and renewable fuels.

Goal 2 --
Create new efficiencies and energy sources in the electrical sector
Call for a national renewable portfolio standard of 30% by 2020, rising to 50% by 2040 -- thus mandating utilities to provide a certain amount of renewable energy in the electricity sold to every consumer.
Push for a law requiring a 20% improvement in energy productivity by 2020. This 20 by 20 proposal has been studied by the Western Governors Association and will save western customers $21 billion a year by 2020.

Goal 3 --
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least 20% by 2020 and 80% by 2040.
Start with a market-based cap and trade system. By 2020 utilities and industry will be allowed to emit 80% as much global warming pollution as they do today. Combined with transportation sector savings, these changes will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020.
Move to carbon-clean coal using safe, long-term carbon disposal or sequestration, and deploy these carbon-clean coal technologies here and around the world.

Goal 4 --
Capitalize and invest in America's strengths in science and technology
Establish a national energy innovation trust fund with a one-time funding commitment to provide needed research and technology support, invest in our world-leading institutions and science and technology programs.

Goal 5 --
America must lead by example and become a beacon of the New Energy Future.
Immediately return to the international negotiating table and support mandatory limits on global warming pollution and keep atmospheric carbon below 450 parts per million.
Cooperate with the European Union, the World Bank, the Asian partnership, the UN and our allies around the world to finance the small incremental cost of "doing it right."
Work closely with fast-growing nations like China, Brazil, South Africa, and India so that they use new, low-carbon technologies to help meet their energy demands.
Renew our relations with our largest oil supplies, Mexico and Canada, which supply about 20% of our oil and create a North American Energy Council to stabilize the oil and gas trade, build a continental electrical grid, help bring energy resources and productivity to market throughout the continent and develop a regional system for carbon trading.

Governor Richardson has a record of accomplishment on each of these challenges. As Energy Secretary, he pushed for aggressive energy efficiency standards, conservation in the midst of the California electricity crisis, a national renewable portfolio standard, and development of new vehicle technology.

As Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson has initiated mandates requiring utilities to meet standards of renewable energy production, supported generous solar, biodiesel and biofuel tax incentives, eliminated sales taxes on hybrid vehicles, and set aggressive targets to reduce global warming pollution. New Mexico is on track to exceed the Kyoto Protocols and has become the Clean Energy State.

"As a diplomat and negotiator, I have a record of dealing successfully with hostage-takers and tyrants," stated Governor Richardson. "Now I want to bring that experience to the task of freeing the United States from its status as international hostage to costly energy...and from the tyranny of oil dependence."

"I have a record, I have the will, and I am making this a central priority in my campaign for president," stated Governor Richardson.

After the Governor's speech today the League of Conservation Voters released a statement applauding Governor Richardson's plan.
To read the statement please go to

Richardson Outlines Energy Action Agenda

Richardson outlines energy action agenda

By Jennifer Tallhelm, Associated Press Writer

Thursday, May 17

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson on Thursday laid out his plan for a dramatic shift in the way the U.S. uses energy, proposing to all but end the country's reliance on oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2040.

Invoking President Kennedy's call for the Apollo space program, he said the nation needs a "man-on-the-moon" effort to develop technologies that will cut energy costs and halt global warming.

"I am issuing a call to action, for Congress, the energy industry and the public," he said in a speech to the New America Foundation. "I am calling for a new American revolution — an energy and climate revolution."

Richardson's plan encourages people to drive electric and plug-in cars, promotes public transportation and calls for increasing fuel economy standards to 50 miles a gallon by 2020 from about 25 miles per gallon now.
He also wants to fund programs to develop wind, solar and biomass energy, and create a market-based system requiring utilities to emit less pollution.

Richardson has promoted his energy plan this week in campaign stops in California and elsewhere.

He says his experience as energy secretary under President Clinton, and as the current governor of New Mexico give him a leg up on other candidates, who also have rolled out energy plans.

The Democratic front-runner, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton also has called for an "Apollo program" on energy. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama recently lectured automakers for investing in bigger, faster cars while dependency on oil is jeopardizing U.S. security and the global environment. And Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd wants to double the average fuel economy for each automaker to 50 mpg by 2017.

DNC announces debate schedule

The Democratic National Committee has announced the dates, sponsors, and cities for six sanctioned presidential candidate debates.


July 23, 2007 -- YouTube/Google and CNN -- Charleston, South Carolina

August 19, 2007 -- ABC -- Des Moines, Iowa

September 26, 2007 -- NBC News/MSNBC -- Hanover, New Hampshire

October 30, 2007 -- NBC News/MSNBC -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 15, 2007 -- CNN -- Las Vegas, Nevada

December 10, 2007 -- CBS -- Los Angeles, California

Governor Bill Richardson: The YouTube Interview

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Richardson to announce candidacy

Richardson to announce candidacy

By Bruce Smith, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C. - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who has been campaigning for weeks for the nation's highest office, plans to announce Monday in Los Angeles that he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

Richardson, who was born in California and lived there briefly, will make his announcement at the Los Angeles Press Club. Aides to the governor said the backdrop will be several Hispanic leaders, underscoring Richardson's Hispanic heritage and the importance of California's Feb. 5 primary.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Governor Bill Richardson touts energy plan

Governor Bill Richardson touts energy plan

By SCOTT LINDLAW, Associated Press Writer

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Democratic presidential contender Bill Richardson on Monday proposed dramatic increases in automotive fuel economy in the next 10 years and the near-elimination of industrial greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Previewing the national energy strategy he will unveil later this week, the New Mexico governor and former energy secretary called for "an Apollo program" that would vault the nation into a massive undertaking to wean itself from fossil fuels. He also said he would encourage shared sacrifice, but he was quick to add that under his vision Americans could keep their SUVs. Those big vehicles would get better gas mileage, he said.

"We need to become energy-independent," Richardson told about 200 employees of search-engine giant Google Inc. at its Mountain View headquarters. "Having our dependence on foreign oil is not worth it."

Richardson said he would reduce U.S. imports of foreign energy from 65 percent to 10 percent; require that 20 percent of all electricity generated in the United States come from such power sources as wind or solar by 2020; and mandate a 90 percent greenhouse gas-emission reduction by 2050.

And he called for "a massive public and private investment — yes, tax dollars — in promoting renewable technologies."

Richardson, who was energy secretary in the Clinton administration, was disdainful of
President Bush's announcement Monday that his administration will decide how to regulate pollution from new motor vehicles by the time he leaves office. Bush signed an executive order directing federal agencies to craft regulations that will cut gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles.

The new rules could help Bush implement his plan to reduce gas consumption by 20 percent over 10 years.
"It's insufficient," Richardson said of Bush's plan. "It's weak. It has no mandates. It's all voluntary."

Richardson said the notion of sacrifice has been missing during the Bush administration. He added, however, that he would not urge Americans to "stop heating your home."

"I'd say be more careful, everybody pitch in — kids, companies, citizens," Richardson said. He would encourage purchases of energy-efficient appliances, lighting and cars, he said.

"I don't mean sacrifice in a negative way," he said. "I think sacrifice (would be) for the common good to become less energy (dependent) to countries that jeopardize our national security — OPEC countries."

Richardson is to outline the complete energy proposal on Thursday in Washington.

Several Democratic presidential candidates have sought to make energy a centerpiece of their campaigns. One,
Hillary Rodham Clinton also has called for an "Apollo program" on energy.

Richardson is the third presidential candidate to submit to a grilling by employees of Google. Clinton visited in February, Republican John McCain earlier this month.

New Poll -- Vote for Governor Richardson!

The Daily Kos straw poll for May is up and running --- please go and vote for Governor Richardson:

Bill Richardson's Poll Numbers are Rising -- Is He the Next Top Tier Candidate?

From PRWEB and Yahoo News:

Bill Richardson's Poll Numbers are Rising -- Is He the Next Top Tier Candidate?

Bill Richardson's improvement in the polls and his successful release of two television advertisements on YouTube to be aired on Iowa indicate that Richardson is up and rising.

Bill Richardson released two new television ads on the popular internet video sharing website on Tuesday May 8, 2007. In just a few days, these ads have had over 100,000 views and over 250 comments from others.
About three weeks ago, the Washington Post reported that Bill Richardson would be the first Democratic candidate running television advertisements in Iowa.
Since then, things have improved for governor Richardson. For the first time ever, American Research Group has Richardson polling above the margin of error according to its latest poll taken from April 27-30, 2007 approximately a week after the Washington Post article.
David Terr, who holds a PhD in Math from UC Berkeley and is the lead content developer at, says, "Polling better than the margin of error is significant because it affirms that Bill Richardson has true suport." The idea behind all of that is the fact that you could add anybody's name, even a dead person, and still get 2% but getting more than the margin of error would theoretically requires true support.
"The fact that Bill Richardson is still a relatively unknown candidate according to the latest familiarity ratings, Richardson stands the most to gain as each of these candidates get their names and positions out there," says
With the successful launch of his new television ads on YouTube since May 8, things bode well for Richardson in Iowa and the rest of the presidential campaign.
To view all of the latest polls regarding the 2008 election, is the nation's leading centralized location for free access to all of the latest national and state polls.
To view Bill Richardson's television ads on YouTube, visit

Sunday, May 13, 2007

TV ALERT -- Governor Richardson to appear on C-SPAN's "Road to the White House" -- TODAY

Governor Richardson is scheduled to appear on C-SPAN's "Road to the White House" today, Sunday, May 13.

They will be appearing footage of the Governor's recent campaign visits to New Hampshire and Nevada.

"Road to the White House" airs on C-SPAN every Sunday at 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm, and 10:30 pm. (all times Mountain, check your local listings)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Video: Governor Richardson on The Tonight Show

Click to view:

More "Tonight Show" coverage: Albuquerque Tribune

Guv doesn't yuk it up on the `Tonight Show'

By Kate Nash, Albuquerque Tribune

SANTA FE — Maybe Gov. Bill Richardson thought he was on CNN instead of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" because he sure didn't yuk it up like other guests on late-night comedy shows.

The governor spent eight minutes with Leno on Friday night, talking mostly about his background and foreign forays.

The second-term Democrat was second on the show, following a woman who showed off exotic animals including a pink bird with a spoon-shaped bill.

In his introduction, Leno said the governor had been nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize - "That's why he's following two toads, three birds and a cat," Leno quipped.

The tired-looking governor talked about growing up bilingual in Mexico, his love of baseball and his negotiations with Saddam Hussein.

The line that drew the most applause came when Leno asked Richardson about his standing in the polls. He had earlier said Richardson was "the most qualified presidential candidate you have never heard of."

"Is that a little discouraging when you go out there with your résumé‚ and everybody is kind of going crazy for sort of the rock stars?" he asked.

Richardson said people won't vote based on the hype. "They're not going to make a decision on who the biggest rock star is and who raised the most money."

"You don't think so?" Leno asked, prompting laughter from the audience.

Richardson got some laughs when talking about how he got to the recent Democratic candidate debate in South Carolina. Leno had said the Democrats all flew to the event in private jets.

Richardson interrupted, saying he flew commercial. "I took - I think it was Southwest, because I couldn't fit in the seat."

The dieting governor also drew heavy applause, but not laughs, with a line about his approach to foreign policy.

"I believe, Jay, that we don't practice diplomacy enough. We ought to talk to our enemies. We ought to practice diplomacy and mediation and negotiation before we send our troops."

Richardson today speaks to the Service Employees International Union in Los Angeles.

AP: Richardson on The Tonight Show

Richardson on The Tonight Show

By Barry Massey, Associated Press Writer

SANTA FE - Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson bantered with comedian Jay Leno about hitchhiking, baseball and diplomacy as the New Mexico governor appeared Friday on "The Tonight Show."

He's "the most qualified presidential candidate you have never heard of," Leno proclaimed in his introduction.
Richardson, elected governor twice, also served in Congress, was U.N. ambassador and energy secretary in the Clinton administration and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

During his appearance, taped Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, Richardson recounted his experiences as an unofficial diplomatic troubleshooter which over the years took him to such places as Sudan, North Korea, and
Saddam Hussein's Iraq, where he negotiated the release of American hostages in 1995.

"We don't practice diplomacy enough," said Richardson. "We ought to talk to our enemies. We ought to practice diplomacy and mediation and negotiation before we send our troops."

Born in California, Richardson was raised in Mexico before attending prep school and college in Massachusetts.
"My mother only spoke Spanish to me. She was Mexican. My father. He wouldn't speak to me," said Richardson, drawing chuckles from Leno. "But when he did, he would speak to me in English. It was totally a bilingual background."

Richardson recounted how he met his wife, Barbara, while hitchhiking when he was attending Middlesex School in Concord, Mass.

"So you would encourage women, if you see Mexican guys hitchhiking, pick them up," said Leno.

Richardson was a baseball standout during his prep school days, Leno pointed out, and the show featured a picture of the young Richardson.

"By the way that was a few pounds ago," said Richardson, who has been dieting to slim down for presidential campaign appearances.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Governor Richardson on The Tonight Show --- TONIGHT, FRIDAY, MAY 11

Governor Richardson will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The program airs at 11:00 pm Eastern time on NBC. Check your local listings.

Please watch and tell your friends and family to tune in as well!

Thanks and enjoy the show!!!


Governor Richardson has two new ads --- and they are awesome!!

The first of the two is already on the air in Iowa, with the second to follow shortly. Both ads are in hot circulation on the internet! They are already hugely successful and are gaining in popularity!

The ads, showcasing Governor Richardson's vast - and unmatched - experience, as well as his terrific sense of humor, are serving to introduce the populus to this great man, diplomat, and leader who will make an outstanding president!

Please view the ads and forward them to everyone you know!!

Let's make sure that everyone knows about the most qualified candidate in this race -- and let's get them on board as true believers in this movement to bring hope and promise back to America -- through the presidency of Bill Richardson!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bill Richardson to Firefighters Unions: "I'll Always Be With You"

Presidential hopeful Bill Richardson asked members of the nation's largest firefighters' union Thursday to compare his labor record to his Democratic rivals' rhetoric.
"I've done it. I don't just say I'm for it: I've done it," the New Mexico governor said at an International Association of Fire Fighters convention.
"There are a lot of candidates who will come up and take a picture with you and make you promises, but when it's time to deliver, maybe they'll be with you. . . . I'll always be with you," he said.
In 2003, Richardson signed a law requiring the state, cities, counties and school boards to negotiate with unionized workers. The law replaced one that had lapsed several years earlier.
"Those were dark, dark ages for us," said Emily Kane, president of the New Mexico Firefighters Association. After Richardson signed the law, wages for firefighters increased "to the point people are fighting to get into the departments," she said.
"When he takes office in 2009, my loss is going to be your gain," she told her peers from around the country.
Richardson said he also supported unions during his 15 years in Congress and as Energy Secretary, when he proposed a health care compensation package for union workers who built nuclear weapons. He said that as president, he would help firefighters by ensuring they have the equipment, training and protected pensions they deserve, and he also would appoint someone with a labor background as labor secretary.
"I want you to look in my eye: I will fight for you," he said.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gov. Richardson: De-Authorize the War Now

Congress has the power to end this war. They authorized the invasion of Iraq under the War Powers Act and they can now de-authorize it and bring the troops home.
De-authorization can't be vetoed. The President won't listen to the American people, and he won't listen to Congress -- together we can show him that being stubborn isn't a foreign policy.
For several months, I have been calling for de-authorizing this war and leaving no residual troops because I believe that this is is the best approach to ending the violence.

But many Americans don't even know that de-authorization is an option. They know the proposals coming out of Washington don't go far enough, but they don't know a better way forward.
That's where you come in. I need your help to send the message to Congress that they need to execute their authority to end this war immediately. It is increasingly obvious to me that only an overwhelming public outcry will force our leaders to act. So let's create that outcry.
Click here to sign the petition calling on Congress to use its power to de-authorize the war and bring the troops home now. We need their help to end the violence in Iraq.
Our presence in Iraq worsens the violence and enables our enemies to portray us as imperialist occupiers. If we announce that we are getting out completely, we undercut this propaganda. We need to get all our troops out of the crossfire of this civil war.
Anything less than immediate de-authorization and the withdrawal of all American troops is not a real plan to end this war. We can't leave behind airbases. We can't leave behind embedded troops to train the Iraqi army. We can't leave behind any residual force whatsoever in a country where American troops aren't wanted and have targets on their backs.
Click here to sign the petition calling on Congress to use its power to de-authorize the war and bring the troops home now. We need their help to end the violence in Iraq.
I know this region well and understand how people there see the world. I served as Ambassador to the UN, President Clinton's Special Envoy, and as Secretary of Energy. I have been there. I even met with Saddam Hussein and secured the release of hostages. Diplomacy can work in this region -- I've done it before -- there is no military solution in Iraq.
Last Thursday, Senators Clinton and Byrd introduced a proposal to de-authorize the war. I'm pleased to have their support, but I encourage them to go further.
We must de-authorize the war and set a timetable to get our troops out by the end of this year.

Bill Richardson