Monday, December 18, 2006

Message from Michelle

Dear friends and readers of Colorado for Richardson:

I want to profoundly apologize for not having posted of late.

I have had a death in my family and I have not been online very much.

Hopefully, I will soon be able to return to blogging. I am committed to this site and to working to elect Bill Richardson the next President of the United States.

I thank you for your patience, your support, and your friendship.

Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm currently accepting cards, letters, photos, etc., for a special book that I'm sending to Governor Bill Richardson this Christmas. It's going be a collective message of encouragement and inspiration, from his supporters, in hopes and great anticipation of his future candidacy for President of the United States. Please participate!!!

The deadline is December 10 -- so please send your items to me ASAP!!!

Visit my website for more info:

Thanks so much!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Election Night --- and Special Thanks!!

I had the great honor and pleasure of attending Governor Richardson's election night victory celebration at the Hotel Albuquerque. (as a credentialed member of the press -- blogger credentials!!) I also had the immense honor of meeting Governor Richardson. He was exceedingly gracious and I had the opportunity to tell him about the Richardson for President movement, here in Colorado, which is picking up electric steam through our little blog community!
I am tremendously grateful and appreciative to some wonderful people whose kindness and assistance made possible my memorable evening in Albuquerque. I'd like to take a moment to extend my heartfelt and sincere thanks to:
---My dear friend, the beautiful Cara Valente Compton, over at New Mexicans for Richardson ( for helping in so many ways, and for being a terrific human being and wonderful friend.
---Governor Richardson's extraordinary and dedicated campaign manager, Amanda Cooper (one could never be stuck on an elevator for an hour and 15 minutes with anyone more talented, lovely, or gracious...and yes, we were stuck for an hour and 15 minutes). I'd also like to thank Amanda for introducing me to the Governor!
---Joaquin Guerra, from whom all internet marvels flow! Joaquin was the internet guru for 'Richardson for Governor 2006' and is a terrific guy whom I very much enjoyed meeting.
---Mr. Michael Stratton (a fellow Coloradan) and Governor Richardson's campaign communications director Josh McNeil, for being so gracious and kind. It was a sincere honor and pleasure to make their acquaintance.
---Roberto Rosales, photographer from the Albuqerque Journal, who took the above photo of the Governor and myself. Thank you, Roberto!
And a great, big thank you to all of you who read this blog! The family and community of supporters that we are forming will be a backbone to what I know will be an inspiring campaign! Thank you all!!!
~ Michelle
PS...If you can't read it, my shirt says "Richardson for President -- I Believe!" ---- and the back of the shirt says "Richardson for America -- A Change is Gonna' Come!"

Friday, November 17, 2006

Attention: Coloradans for Richardson!!!

I'd like to invite all Colorado supporters of Governor Richardson to join the new Zanby meet-up group:

I look forward to meeting all of you and working together to help Governor Richardson on the road to the White House!!!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Richardson's grassroots network preparing for '08

From Heath Haussamen's blog:
Richardson's grassroots network preparing for '08

If activity on the Bill Richardson for President Yahoo! Group is any indication, the New Mexico governor’s presidential campaign is gaining traction.
The group currently has 123 members from across the nation. Though a few blogs promoting a Richardson 2008 run already existed, its members have started additional blogs in several states since he was overwhelmingly re-elected governor last week.
Such blogs now exist in
Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.
The level of activity on the Yahoo! group site has increased in the past several days. There were 20 posts by members on Tuesday and 22 on Monday.
This is a group of people getting ready to work for Richardson’s campaign. If you spend some time on their sites, you can sense their excitement.

Note from Michelle:
Thanks, Heath Haussamen for the shout-out! We are excited!!!
Visit Heath's terrific blog for intelligent, informative, and insightful commentary on New Mexico politics:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Governor Richardson!!!

Happy Birthday Governor Richardson!!!
Here's to an even grander celebration in 2008 - as President-elect Richardson!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

USA TODAY: Denver wooing Democrats for '08

Denver wooing Democrats for '08

By Tom Kenworthy, USA TODAY

DENVER — The Mile High City is hoping that a rising Democratic tide in Colorado and the West will lift its chances of hosting the party's 2008 convention.
Officials involved in Denver's bid for the convention say their prospects against rival New York City improved on Tuesday as Colorado voters put a decidedly Democratic stamp on the state.
"I think our chances are now better," says Denver City Council member Rosemary Rodriguez, who serves on the city's convention bid committee. If held in Denver, it would be the first Democratic convention here since 1908, when William Jennings Bryan was nominated.
Bryant Adams, spokesman for the Colorado Republican Party, says the GOP will bounce back from a "very difficult year" because "Republican values are in line with views and values all across the West."
Democrats in Colorado this week reclaimed the governorship after eight years of GOP rule, captured a House seat that had been Republican since 2002 and strengthened their majorities in the state House and state Senate. Colorado Democrats will hold four of seven U.S. House seats, a U.S. Senate seat and, for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower was president, control both the Legislature and governor's office.
Elsewhere in the West, Democrats picked up a Montana Senate seat, two House seats in Arizona, and re-elected governors in Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. Five of the eight mountain West states will have Democratic governors starting in 2007; prior to the 2002 election, they had none.
"We've had a lot of success in the West, and it seems to us here in Colorado that the way to keep it up is to focus on the western U.S.," says Steve Farber, a Denver attorney who co-chairs the city's convention effort.
"Democrats need to look at the Rocky Mountain West as their hope for the future," adds Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo. "We're ready we have the facilities, we have the most beautiful state in the nation."
A spokesman for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg did not respond to messages seeking comment. Republicans will hold their 2008 convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul.
Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean is expected to decide between Denver and New York by early December. At a breakfast meeting with reporters in Washington on Thursday, he said both cities are still under consideration.
Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., who is likely to become majority leader in January, has backed Denver's bid.
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democrat who just won a second term, said Tuesday's election results "make a strong case for the convention going to Denver."

Contributing: Jill Lawrence in Washington

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to Colorado For Richardson - the first online network in Colorado to support and promote the candidacy of Bill Richardson for President of the United States.

In the coming months, I plan to also establish a Colorado For Richardson website, which will be the web-twin for this group and will provide additional resources and information for those seeking to become part of a support network for Gov. Richardson's candidacy here in the Centennial State.

For a personal intro - my name is Michelle; I'm 25, and I'm a writer (speeches, articles, op-eds, novels, etc.). To learn more about me, and to read my work, please visit my website:

The presidency is not just an office - it's a trust. A collective trust of the hopes, dreams, and ideals of the people. When we elect a president, we want to elect a leader who we feel shares our collective hopes, dreams, and ideals. I support Gov. Richardson because I believe he can - and will!! - be one of the finest leaders our country has ever known. I believe he will carry, with honor and promise, the trust, dreams, hopes, and ideals of the American people. He is a man of honor, honesty, intelligence, wisdom, goodness, and integrity - and he will give the people of this great nation the noble, courageous leadership we deserve. The sun is rising on a new day for America - a new day of promise and spirit and hope - a day in which we can truly have trust and confidence in our president to act on our behalf and to have the best interest of this nation and its people at the forefront each and every day. America deserves such a president. You deserve such a president. Now is the time when we must stand up and support a man who will be such a president - Bill Richardson! Please join with me in a campaign to bring honor, honesty, intelligence, wisdom, integrity, and hope to the White House - and to each new day in America! Please join me in supporting the candidacy of Bill Richardson for President of the United States!

We live in an age where greatness is required of us - and of our leaders. So, together, we will do what is difficult – and we will achieve what is great – if we choose, always, to stand up and be counted. WE are the people. NOW is the time. Let us begin!

Bill Richardson For President!!!