Saturday, September 15, 2007

With a Full Heart...

Friends ~

My opportunities to post here on the blog have been sporadic over the past several months, as I have been serving as the Colorado Grassroots Director for our campaign, a position which kept me incredibly busy...and a position and opportunity which was an incredible honor, and for which I am profoundly grateful. I am now leaving this position to focus on other campaign-related projects. Below is my statement on my departure as Grassroots Director...

~ Michelle


For many years I have known and believed that Bill Richardson was the one person - the one candidate - who could truly restore hope and the American dream to our great nation. Having the honor and joy of being a part of this great and glorious campaign is an extraordinary blessing, journey, and adventure. And I am committed 100% to electing Bill Richardson the next President of the United States.

Last October, I had the great honor and privilege of founding and launching the Richardson for President movement here in Colorado. From day one, I have been inspired by the commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication of our wonderful supporters and volunteers. Your spirit and support have helped to launch one of the great and inspiring grassroots campaign movements in this country.

Founding Colorado for Richardson, and launching, organizing, shaping, and building this wonderful and inspiring grassroots movement has been one of the supreme and incredible honors of my life. And so it is with a heavy yet ever-hopeful heart that I now step down as the Colorado Grassroots Director. The outstanding event with Governor Richardson in Denver this past Monday was my last event as the director of our grassroots movement here in Colorado.

There are a number of reasons that led to my decision, but none of which I bore you all with. I have complete faith and confidence, though, that this is the right the decision. This is the right thing. And this is the right time.

This was a very difficult and very emotional decision for me. There come times and moments in your life when you have to walk the plank of change - and you know that you must - and that the time is right. Reaching the end of the plank, you have to jump. It's uncertain, but it's your future, and you know that it's the right thing and that it's what you must do. And you have to summon your courage and your strength to take that plunge into the future...and hopefully, always, with hope, optimism, and grace. I hope, with a full heart, that this is what I am now doing.

I'm extraordinarily proud and honored to have been involved in this campaign from the very beginning - since last summer. And I am certainly, by no means, leaving the campaign - but rather my role with the campaign is shifting and changing. My gift in life is writing and I look forward to hopefully being able to further use that gift to help Governor Richardson and our national campaign. As the Founder of Colorado for Richardson, I will certainly remain a strong and active member of the Colorado for Richardson organization and as a Colorado liaison for our grassroots campaign. I will also continue to run the Colorado for Richardson blog. It looks like I may also be doing some surrogate speaking for the campaign, so perhaps I will see some of you on the trail! I'm also looking forward to launching two national grassroots campaign efforts that I have long wanted to get out there to the public: a Young Americans for Richardson well as a humanitarian outreach effort which I hope will have a very positive and impactful effect - The Difference Makers - you can check out the preliminary parking page on

I'd like to take a brief moment now to thank some of the extraordinary and wonderful people - and friends - who have entered my life through this campaign, and whose work on this campaign is effecting tremendous and positive change and success:

My best friend, Cara Valente Compton of New Mexico - an immensely talented woman with an extraordinary spirit. An amazing blogger and online warrior and one of our campaign's crown jewels. Thank you for your friendship.

The remarkable Amanda Cooper, Governor Richardson's tireless Deputy Campaign Manager, who first introduced me to the Governor last year in Albuquerque.

Our awesome National Grassroots Director Jeff Gulko, whom I first met online last fall. What a huge responsibility you have, but an awesome job you're doing. And to Mara, Jeff's terrific right-hand goddess. You guys are great!

Also at Campaign HQ - Ben Chao, Dan Sena, Pahl Shipley, Charles Compton, and Joaquin Guerra. Joaquin - I still can't believe that you, Amanda, and I spent an hour and half jammed on that crowded elevator on election night...definitely something I don't think we'll ever forget. If that's not campaign bonding, I don't know what is! :)
Also to the terrific Josh McNeil our campaign's Nevada communications director - a great guy doing a great job. We're going to win Nevada!

Fellow State Grassroots Leaders - Ken Camp, Ken Bulko, Kristin Neville, Bentley Davis, and Marsha Kelly - we've been in this together from the beginning. You guys are outstanding and working with you has been an honor.

My incredible grassroots regional coordinators and leaders here in Colorado - Tim Kubik, Bridget Cassidy, Jonathan Marks, Karen McKinnon, and Hannah Angst - Working with you as we built this grassroots team and effort here in Colorado has been a supreme honor and privilege and I know I'm leaving this organization in brilliant and capable hands.

To my good friends with whom I had the honor and joy of working with as we founded the awesome site Richardson Brings Hope ( - Cara Valente Compton, Charles Compton, Jeff Gulko, Ken Bulko, and Marsha Kelly. Bill Richardson does bring hope to this campaign and to our country. I believe that our special site made an impactful difference and I thank you for including me. -- And Jeff & Ken, I still think we sound like a law firm: Gulko, Bulko, and Lindsey. :)

And finally - and most of all - to Governor Richardson. Thank you for your support, approval, and encouragement of my efforts here in Colorado. It is with your spirit of hope, inclusion, and optimism that I tried to build and shape our grassroots movement here. I've heard it said that "a campaign is its supporters" - and while in many ways that's very true, a campaign is also and most importantly its candidate - and you are the only candidate who can truly restore hope, optimism, and the American dream to our country. I'm here. I will continue to work on your behalf and on behalf of our campaign. I support Bill Richardson for President. And I Believe.

Thank you all. Working as the Colorado Grassroots Director has been an extraordinary honor and experience. With a full heart, I turn over the reigns of our Colorado grassroots organization to our awesome Denver Co-Coordinator Tim Kubik, who I know will be an outstanding Grassroots State Coordinator. I will still be here and will be supporting your efforts every step of the way, Tim.

I look forward to stepping now into the next phase of my journey with our campaign. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you and to continuing working with you until the day we see Bill Richardson inaugurated as the next President of the United States.

We're going to win this thing - and we're going to change this country!

Richardson for America ~ I Believe!

-- Michelle Lindsey

Michelle Lindsey
Colorado Grassroots Director
Bill Richardson for President

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Richardson Goes Green in New Ad


SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson is airing a new ad in Iowa about his proposals to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil.
“We’ve relied on foreign oil and paid too much for gas long enough,” Richardson says in the 30-second television spot, which resembles an ad from his 2006 gubernatorial re-election campaign.
The ad opens with Richardson standing outside speaking. His image then becomes part of his campaign’s Web site. A viewer gets the impression of navigating the site as Richardson’s image moves from one energy topic to another as he talks about that issue.
Richardson’s gubernatorial re-election campaign ran an ad on education policy last year that used a similar Web site structure.
In the ad that began airing Tuesday, Richardson says, “On clean energy, a 30-second TV ad isn’t enough time. But my Web site can show you why the Sierra Club called my plan ‘much more aggressive.”
The firm producing his presidential ads, Murphy Putnam Media of Alexandria, Va., also handled his gubernatorial ads.
Richardson unveiled his energy plan earlier this year. Among his proposals is an increase in fuel economy standards for vehicles to 50 miles a gallon by 2020, up from about 25 miles per gallon currently.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

13% in Iowa!!!

A new Iowa poll by American Research Group has Hillary Clinton in the lead at 30 %.
John Edwards is at 21 % - followed by Barack Obama with 15 %.

Gov. Bill Richardson is in a close fourth place with 13 %.

Of special note: The results when likely caucus goers are broken down between Democrats, and those claiming no party affiliation, Gov. Richardson is in first place among those with no party affiliation, with Obama in second.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Richardson Rising!!! New Iowa poll numbers!!!


A new Research 2000 poll conducted for KCCI in Iowa shows Edwards still leading with 27%, followed by Clinton at 22% and Obama at 16%.
Also breaking double-digits, Bill Richardson at 11%.
In May, Research 2000 had Clinton in the lead with 28%, followed by Edwards at 26% and Obama at 22%, with Richardson at 7%. So only Edwards and Richardson saw their numbers go up (though Edwards' inch up was statistically insignificant). Of significance, both Clinton and Obama went down.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barbara Richardson in South Carolina

Our very own wonderful and special Barbara Richardson - the next First Lady of the United States - gives a charming and lovely speech in Charleston ---- check it out! Go Barbara! :) And come visit us in Colorado!! I'd love to have the honor of introducing you! ;)

Vote for our Gov !!!

Friends -

Below are links to some important visibility polls that are currently underway. Please visit each of these sites and vote for Governor Richardson! This will only take a few moments of your time. We are currently leading by a very wide margin in the South Carolina poll!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

South Carolina post-debate poll:

AOL CNN/YouTube July 23rd debate poll (scroll down, center of page):

Daily Kos CNN/YouTube July 23rd debate poll (scroll down, center of page):

Nevada poll:

Daily Kos poll of Richardson favorability rating:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Reminder: CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate

Reminder: CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate

Charleston, South Carolina

5:00 pm Mountain Time -- Monday, July 23 -- Live on CNN

Team Richardson's in the house and going to rock South Carolina!!

...and Colorado. ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

YouTube Debate -- Submit a question for Governor Richardson!

Hi Friends -

I apologize for not posting much of many of you know, I'm the Colorado Grassroots Director for our campaign and that keeps me incredibly busy....I'm also working on a screenplay for an Academy Award winning actress, which is also intensely time consuming. So - I apologize for not posting this sooner, as I know this is time sensitive, but this has been an incredibly hectic week for me.

The CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate will be held in Charleston, South Carolina on Monday. If you have the equipment and capacity to record a video of yourself for the web, you can record and submit a question for Governor Richardson for the debate! YouTube has said that they have not received as many questions as they'd hoped for -- so if you would like to submit a video question, now is the time!

You can go to to submit your question! Sunday is the deadline for submitting questions!

Thank you for your continued support of Governor Richardson and our campaign to bring hope and promise back to America!

Together, we're going to change this country!

Thanks -

Submit your questions for the YouTube/CNN debate on