Sunday, July 22, 2007

YouTube Debate -- Submit a question for Governor Richardson!

Hi Friends -

I apologize for not posting much of many of you know, I'm the Colorado Grassroots Director for our campaign and that keeps me incredibly busy....I'm also working on a screenplay for an Academy Award winning actress, which is also intensely time consuming. So - I apologize for not posting this sooner, as I know this is time sensitive, but this has been an incredibly hectic week for me.

The CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate will be held in Charleston, South Carolina on Monday. If you have the equipment and capacity to record a video of yourself for the web, you can record and submit a question for Governor Richardson for the debate! YouTube has said that they have not received as many questions as they'd hoped for -- so if you would like to submit a video question, now is the time!

You can go to to submit your question! Sunday is the deadline for submitting questions!

Thank you for your continued support of Governor Richardson and our campaign to bring hope and promise back to America!

Together, we're going to change this country!

Thanks -

Submit your questions for the YouTube/CNN debate on

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