Monday, April 30, 2007

"Richardson is the only thing between Clinton and coronation."

Op/Ed columnist Kevin Hassett has written a piece which grades the performances of each candidate in last Thursday's debate.

His take on Governor Richardson:

Bill Richardson: It seems that every primary season some governor comes out of nowhere to steal the nomination. Richardson showed in this debate that it might well happen again. He was genuine and tough, the kind of guy who could pull the troops out of Iraq without looking wimpy. If he has a couple of more debates this good, money will start flowing his way. (Grade: A+)

If the Democratic primaries continue along the path they began last week, then Richardson is the only thing between Clinton and coronation.

To read the column in its entirety:

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Global Days for Darfur

From Save Darfur:

Global Days for Darfur events are taking place through April 30th. Darfur activists across the country are conducting hundreds of events and there is one near you!
Please take a moment to find an event near you and sign up to participate.
Click here to find an event near you and RSVP. When you RSVP you will be joining thousands of Darfur activists from around the world. Concerned citizens are uniting in more than 30 countries around the globe and at more than 400 events across the U.S. to demand peace and protection now for the people of Darfur. Click here to find an event near you and RSVP. Thank you again for helping to make sure world leaders get the message that the time for talk is over.

The Save Darfur Coalition is an alliance of over 175 faith-based, advocacy and humanitarian organizations whose mission is to raise public awareness about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and to mobilize a unified response to the atrocities that threaten the lives of more than two million people in the Darfur region.

To learn more, please visit:

Quinnipiac Gives Thumbs-Up to Richardson

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute assistant director Peter Brown says viewers of the MSNBC debate event likely learned more about New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Brown says Richardson "had ideas, talked definitively."

Bring the troops home -- Support Bill Richardson's plan to end the war in Iraq

Bill Richardson is the only major candidate who would withdraw ALL American troops troop from Iraq before the end of 2007. At the debate in South Carolina, he repeated his commitment to leaving behind no residual force.
Every other major candidate supports leaving at least some troops behind. While others refine and rephrase their positions, Bill Richardson is the only major candidate who is committed to getting all our troops out and ending this war.

It's time to bring the troops home. All of them. Click here to support Bill Richardson's plan to end the war in Iraq.
Pundits analyzing the debate seemed more interested in haircuts and horse races than the crucial distinction on which candidate will really end this war.
With your help, our campaign can overcome all that and bring experienced, competent leadership back to the White House. But to do that we must build a chorus of right-minded voice committed to doing what's necessary to protect American lives and end the violence in Iraq.
If you believe America should withdraw all our troops from Iraq as soon as possible, then I urge you to take immediate action in support of Governor Richardson and his plan to bring the troops home.

It's time to bring the troops home. All of them. Click here to support Bill Richardson's plan to end the war in Iraq.
Governor Richardson is the most qualified and experienced candidate in this race. He's been to Iraq, he knows and understands the region. He knows that our presence there is no longer helping, and indeed is playing into the hands of our enemies, including Al Qaeda.
He knows that we have to bring our troops home because there is no military solution to Iraq's political crisis. The Iraqis must take responsibility for their security, their government, and their future. As the Governor has said, "They need to stop killing each other and start compromising."
We need to get out of their way. Our troops have done their job under terrible circumstances, but now they are stuck in the middle of a civil war. Jihadist propaganda exploits the American presence to foment more hate and violence. Sixty percent of Iraqis say it is justifiable to kill Americans. Eighty percent want us to leave.
Only Governor Richardson has shown the wisdom to call for the withdrawal of every American troop before the end of 2007. Every single one.
Dave Contarino
Campaign Manager
Richardson for President

P.S. Please share this message with your friends and family. Once they see the crucial differences in this field of candidates, I am certain they will side with us.

"A candidate with a message of hope, candor and accomplishment."

From The New York Times:

Of all the resumes in the Democratic field of presidential hopefuls, Mr. Richardson’s stands out: a governor; a former secretary of energy; a former ambassador to the United Nations; a former member of Congress. A decade ago, he negotiated hostage releases with Saddam Hussein. This month, he returned from a mission – blessed by the Bush administration – to North Korea.
Ideologically, he presents a mixture different from any other Democrat in the field. He is a supporter of gun rights. He has been critical of his party for reflexively looking to tax increases to pay for social programs. Yet on Iraq, he is as outspoken as any of his rivals in his opposition to the war, and he advocates a complete withdrawal of all troops by the end of the year.

“My objective right now is to introduce myself to the American people – and for them to see that I’m a serious candidate with substance.”
His biggest challenge, he says, is to stand out in the field of eight candidates. And to make his biography known. He is the first Democrat to run television ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, a strategy even he describes as “a gamble.”
“You run the risk that voters, by the time they start voting, they forget the ads. That’s a risk, but my name recognition needs to improve,” Mr. Richardson says. “The ads are funny, they’re not traditional ads.

That’s the kind of candidate that I need to be – a candidate with a message of hope, candor and accomplishment.”

Post debate coverage from

Post debate coverage from across the nation...


"This war is a disaster. We must end this war," said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a former U.N. ambassador who called for getting all U.S. troops out by the end of 2007.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Great Richardson Diaries on Daily Kos

My friend, Cara, of New Mexicans for Richardson and Richardson Brings Hope, has a couple of terrific diaries up on Daily Kos! Please read and recommend!

Vote for Gov. Richardson in MSNBC's post-debate poll !!!

Vote for Governor Richardson in MSNBC's post-debate poll:

For additional coverage visit:

The debate is supposed to be available, in its entirety on the MSNBC politics site beginning Friday.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've been trying to add some updates here for the past two days and, once again, faithful was not cooperating. *sigh* Somedays I think I'm going to lose what's left of my mind.... So, apologies for not getting this on here sooner:


The debate will be broadcast live, from South Carolina, on MSNBC at 5:00 pm MST. MSNBC has day long political coverage - with spotlight on the debate - featuring a debate preview at 4:00.

For those who are unable to watch it live, check your schedules, as it may re-air at another time.

Press articles, and other coverage of the debate, will follow here (providing gods look upon me with favor) on Colorado for Richardson over the next several days.

I'll also try to upload some YouTube clips of the debate for those who may not get to watch it.

Be sure to also visit:, which will feature debate coverage as well --- and the official Richardson for President site:

Thanks so much for your support!!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Cokie Roberts & Steven V. Roberts: Sell John McCain stock, buy Bill Richardson's

From Cokie & Steve Roberts:

Bill Richardson will turn 60 next fall and seems full of energy. In recent months he has traveled to Darfur and North Korea on diplomatic missions, which underscores the fact that he has actually held more government posts than any candidate in either party.Congressman, cabinet secretary, U.N. ambassador and now, two-term governor. And remember, we elect governors, not senators. In the past 30 years four governors have won the presidency; in our entire history, only two senators have accomplished that feat.
Then there was this blog entry by James Boyce on The Huffington Post: "On the left, the netroots-early-warning-detection-system is starting to buzz a little bit and the recipient of the buzz is Bill Richardson."
The reasons: He favors a complete pullout from Iraq, has real credentials on energy issues, and his mother is Mexican. Yes, his father was a wealthy American banker, and he attended a fancy New England prep school, but he speaks fluent Spanish and would appeal strongly to America's largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority.
"Richardson," writes Boyce, "will get a look over the next 60 to 90 days and if he transfers his growing online buzz into mainstream media buzz, watch out."
McCain and Richardson have the same bank balances, but their similarities end there. In the political marketplace today, one is a junk bond, the other a growth stock.

Read the entire column:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gov. Richardson meets a Darfurian during a stop in Iowa

Gov. Bill Richardson signs a book for Makki Makki following a discussion about foreign policy and the genocide in Darfur. Makki is from Darfur.

SCOTT MUSSELL / Courier Staff Photographer

Presidential candidate Richardson talks of need for diplomacy

From Iowa:

Presidential candidate Richardson talks of need for diplomacy

By EMILY CHRISTENSEN, Courier Staff Writer

CEDAR FALLS --- Bad guys like Gov. Bill Richardson.The New Mexico governor has worked with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to broker a fragile 60-day cease fire agreement in Darfur. He has helped a scared wife rescue her journalist husband from a Sudanese prison thanks to his relationship with the African leader.More recently Richardson was in North Korea, collecting the remains of six soldiers lost during the Korean War, from a country that has been less-than-friendly with the United States in recent history.Richardson, a Democratic presidential hopeful, said it is his commitment to diplomacy that has afforded him the opportunity to arrange such meetings.
It is that same diplomacy Richardson said is needed in Washington to begin moving this country in the right direction. "We should have a foreign policy that we do things not just for our own interest, but because it is right," Richardson told a group of about 150 on the University of Northern Iowa campus Friday. "... We have forgotten that element in our foreign policy. ... I think that buys us goodwill and eventually that translates into something that advances our issues." He was in Cedar Falls as part of a larger program sponsored by the Center for International Peace and Security Studies that focused on conflict and conflict resolution in Africa. "What you do here, mediation and conflict resolution, that's the reason I am running for president," Richardson said. If elected, Richardson said he will make Africa and the Darfur region and other third-world countries that he said have been neglected under the current administration a top priority of his international agenda.
But, Richardson said he isn't interested in starting another war on the behalf of these countries. Instead he wants to use United Nations peace-keeping envoys, economic sanctions and diplomacy to end the wars now raging in many third-world countries. He also would divert funds currently being used in Iraq --- his first order of business would be to remove troops from that area --- to fund additional foreign aid and refocus our military efforts at U.S. ports and in Afghanistan." America also has to protect its own interests. ... The war in Iraq is taking away from the real threats to America," he said.
Richardson, who is in his second term as the New Mexico governor, served as the Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton, was a Congressman and an Ambassador to the United Nations. His work has earned him four nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Lady Barbara Richardson Hosts Ceremony to Honor Victims of Virginia Tech Tragedy

First Lady Barbara Richardson Hosts Ceremony to Honor Victims of Virginia Tech Tragedy

Office of New Mexico Governor Press Release

(SANTA FE) Today outside the State Capitol Building First Lady Barbara Richardson hosted a ceremony to honor the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. New Mexico joined Virginia and more than a dozen other states as bells were rung simultaneously nationwide to remember the victims. First Lady Barbara Richardson offered the following remarks:
“Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has declared today a day of mourning and has asked states across America to stand with Virginia Tech to honor the victims of this tragedy. The Governor and I are honored to stand with Governor Kaine and his wife Anne. New Mexico is proud to stand with Virginia.”
“We stand with those who have lost loved ones and those who are on the road to recovery. We stand with those brave police officers, doctors, and educators who worked to bring students and teachers to safety. And we remain inspired by stories of teachers and students, who put themselves in harms way so that others might live.”
“At 10am today bells in Virginia, New Mexico, and across America will ring in remembrance of each life tragically cut short. The bells will ring and we will remember.”

Additional coverage from Albuquerque's KRQE News 13:

First lady Barbara Richardson said holding a service like this and ringing bells across the state is one way people can feel a connection to Virginia and the rest of the country.
“I think it's very important we do have this expression of support for those families and also to let the nation know we care,” Richardson said.
She also said connecting like this as a country helps in the healing of people who have had tragedies in their own lives.

For video coverage, please click here:

Richardson Vows More Emphasis on Africa

From the Associated Press

NEW YORK - Democrat Bill Richardson told black leaders Thursday that he would make Africa a major foreign policy priority if he's elected president in 2008.
Speaking to a meeting of the National Action Network, a civil rights organization founded by Rev. Al Sharpton, the New Mexico governor said the continent had been neglected by the Bush administration in favor of the Middle East and other regions thought to have greater strategic significance.
"Somehow it's not considered by American policymakers to have the importance it deserves," Richardson said. "Issues related to AIDS, refugees, issues related to governance, international poverty - somehow this continent is forgotten."
Richardson, a former ambassador to the United Nations, said that as president he would press to add an African nation to the U.N. Security Council. He also touted his recent efforts to help bring about a fragile cease-fire in the war-torn Darfur region of Sudan.
"Why is it that America forgets about the Rwandas and the Sudans but is quick to move into other areas that are considered more strategically important?" he asked.
With black voters a key part of the Democratic electoral base, all the major Democratic candidates were scheduled to speak to the NAN conference during its three-day annual convention.
Attendees were getting a double dose of the Clintons: President Bill Clinton was set to address the group later Thursday, and Hillary Rodham Clinton was scheduled to speak Friday afternoon.
Richardson acknowledged he was not well known to most voters, but said he felt "very good" about his campaign so far. A Hispanic American, he said he was proud to be part of a diverse field of candidates that includes a woman - Mrs. Clinton - as well as a black man, Barack Obama.
"I'm going to be, hopefully, the first Hispanic elected president," he said to applause. "If it's not me, we may have the first African-American president, or the first woman president.
"We may also have the first Mormon president," he said, referring to Republican Mitt Romney. "Although I'd prefer the other three."

Richardson Leads Race To TV Ads

The Washington Post

Friday, April 20, 2007; Page A06

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will take to the airwaves in Iowa and New Hampshire next week, making him the first Democratic candidate to run television ads in the states that will lead off the presidential caucus and primary calendar.
"This is an effective way to reinforce the governor's extraordinary record," Richardson spokesman Pahl Shipley said of the commercials. "But the ads are just part of the strategy -- the biggest piece is campaigning town to town, meeting people and earning votes in person."
The 30- and 60-second spots were produced by Murphy Putnam Media and are meant to introduce Richardson to voters in two of the most critical states in the nomination fight. The shorter ad details Richardson's rationale for running and outlines his plans for moving forward in Iraq; the 60-second spot highlights his record as governor.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Governor Bill Richardson Issues Statement on VA Tech Shootings

Governor Bill Richardson Issues Statement on VA Tech Shootings
Governor Bill Richardson today issued the following statement in response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech:
“On behalf of all New Mexicans, Barbara and I extend our condolences to the families of the victims whose lives were cut short by this horrific tragedy,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “This is a sad day and our hearts go out to the Virginia Tech community as it grieves this loss.” As a result of the tragedy, Governor Richardson instructed New Mexico Higher Education Secretary Beverlee McClure to immediately begin working with institutions in state to ensure adequate safety measures are in place. These measures may include having a safety plan in place and a disaster response plan. The state will also be looking into the security personnel on each campus and the level of training those personnel have in an effort to determine how to better prepare campus police and security officials to respond to such incidents. A Safety Task Force will be formed to make recommendations to the Governor for improving the safety of our students, faculty, and staff on our campuses in the state. The Governor is committed to creating a safe learning and working environment for all New Mexicans.

Governor Richardson Enacts Four Clean Energy Bills for New Mexico

Governor Richardson Enacts Four Clean Energy Bills for New Mexico
Measures promote advanced energy technologies, green buildings and biodiesel.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Bills recently signed four significant renewable energy bills: SB 994 (Advanced Energy Tax Credit); SB 489 (Biodiesel Blend Required by 2012); HB 318 (Power plant mercury emissions control); SB 463 (Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit Amendments).
"New Mexico is showing that we can create jobs through spurring significant investment in electricity generation from our world-class solar and wind resources," Richardson said, "promoting advanced coal technologies, building more efficient homes and offices, and increasing the production and use of biodiesel."
SB 994 (Cisneros) is the first tax credit in the nation to cover carbon capture technology and include specific capture goals at coal-fired power plants. SB 489 (Ortiz y Pino) will require that 5% of every gallon of diesel fuel sold in New Mexico comes from an agricultural source by 2012. This will help boost New Mexico's growing biodiesel industry, reduce our use of foreign oil and combat climate change. HB 318 (Wirth) allows New Mexico to continue to protect its citizens from the damaging effects of mercury pollution. This bill allows New Mexico to pass more protective mercury standards than the federal government. SB 463 (Cisneros) contains several tax incentives that were originally proposed as separate bills: Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit Amendments, Sustainable Building Tax Credit, Advanced Energy Product Tax Credit, Biodiesel Fuel Production Tax Incentives, Solar Energy System Gross Receipts, and Agricultural Water Conservation Tax Credits.
"These vital pieces of legislation will work hand in glove with the other major clean energy bills I enacted earlier this session -- the Renewable Energy Transmission Authority and the quadrupling of the Renewable Portfolio Standard -- to continue to make New Mexico the nation's Clean Energy State," said Governor Richardson.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Cara!!

My dear friend, the beautiful Cara Valente Compton -- of New Mexicans for Richardson and Richardson Brings Hope -- is celebrating her birthday!!!

I'd like to send a happy shout-out to Edgewood, New Mexico!!!


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bill Richardson: Man on Fire and Getting Recognition

My dear friend, Cara, over at New Mexicans for Richardson ( has written a terrific diary over on Daily Kos:

I found this nifty little quote from Donna Brazile, political commentator and campaign guru to Al Gore....
Political commentator Donna Brazile, who knows a thing or two about presidential elections, has some encouraging words for Richardson:
"After six years of unilateral, aggressive, bullheaded foreign policy that has succeeded only in making the United States reviled internationally, voters are eager to elect a true statesman - someone who can mend the fences so thoroughly destroyed by President Bush's pre-emptive wars and cowboy diplomacy. In this arena, Richardson has credentials unparalleled by any other presidential candidate of either party. . . .
"Richardson is far from a shoo-in, but there's a decent chance he could end up surprising a few donors who are so heavily invested in the so-called front-runners. Just as you wouldn't walk out after the first inning of a baseball game figuring you knew the final score, it would be wise to keep an eye on Richardson. He is behind, but it's only the beginning."

Please read the rest of Cara's diary:
And please recommend the dairy on Kos!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sometimes words fail to capture the magnanimity of a situation...and this is just such a situation.
Governor Bill Richardson has brokered a deal with North Korea over their nuclear reactor.

This Breaking News Announcement:
While in North Korea this week to negotiate the return of US remains from the Korean War (at which he was successful), 2008 Presidential Candidate Governor Bill Richardson was also able to broker a deal with North Korea -- resulting with them agreeing to dismantle their nuclear reactor and allow inspectors back into their country.
Please spread this to everyone you know, as this is a great success for both the United States and Governor Richardson.

Link for the video:

One of the finest diplomats and peacemakers in our nation's history is running for President...he's my candidate...and I'm so very proud to support him.
I'm so very proud to support Bill Richardson.

Richardson's North Korea Visit Yields Nuke Breakthrough

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's visit to North Korea appears to be yielding unexpected fruit.
Richardson, part of a bipartisan delegation dispatched to North Korea to return remains of U.S. MIAs, appears to have secured a concession from the communist state on its developing nuclear weapons program.
Monday, a North Korean nuclear arms negotiator relayed to Richardson that the country would be willing to allow international U.N. arms inspectors into the country if some $25 million in North Korean money that has been frozen is released.
On Tuesday, U.S. envoy Christopher Hill signaled from Tokyo the U.S. willingness to deal.
What was positive coming out of Pyongyang (the North Korean capitol) yesterday is the report that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is prepared to take these actions to get the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) in there, and take these first steps, said Hill.
The North Koreans also told Richardson that it will be difficult to stop production at the country's main nuclear reactor by Saturday, a pre-negotiated deadline. A State Department spokesman responded that the U.S. might not object to extending the deadline.
Richardson, a Democratic candidate for president, is expected to return to New Mexico on Friday.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Richardson Wins Democratic Nomination in Presidential March Madness

We did it!!!

Thanks to your enthusiasm and support, Governor Richardson has won the final round of voting (for the Democratic nomination) in the Presidential March Madness poll!!!
Governor Richardson previously defeated Al Gore and Hillary Clinton and - in the final round - defeated Barack Obama by 20%!!!

** I'd especially like to thank my fellow Coloradans -- your votes truly made the difference! I was told that Governor Richardson received more votes from Colorado than any other state! Way to go, team! Many thanks! **

Thank you for voting and for supporting Governor Bill Richardson!!!