Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sometimes words fail to capture the magnanimity of a situation...and this is just such a situation.
Governor Bill Richardson has brokered a deal with North Korea over their nuclear reactor.

This Breaking News Announcement:
While in North Korea this week to negotiate the return of US remains from the Korean War (at which he was successful), 2008 Presidential Candidate Governor Bill Richardson was also able to broker a deal with North Korea -- resulting with them agreeing to dismantle their nuclear reactor and allow inspectors back into their country.
Please spread this to everyone you know, as this is a great success for both the United States and Governor Richardson.

Link for the video: http://video.msn.com/v/us/fv/msnbc/fv.htm??g=e42bcb7d-a47c-45f3-831b-aa3b6e4f01f3&f=00&fg=copy

One of the finest diplomats and peacemakers in our nation's history is running for President...he's my candidate...and I'm so very proud to support him.
I'm so very proud to support Bill Richardson.

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