Saturday, April 28, 2007

"A candidate with a message of hope, candor and accomplishment."

From The New York Times:

Of all the resumes in the Democratic field of presidential hopefuls, Mr. Richardson’s stands out: a governor; a former secretary of energy; a former ambassador to the United Nations; a former member of Congress. A decade ago, he negotiated hostage releases with Saddam Hussein. This month, he returned from a mission – blessed by the Bush administration – to North Korea.
Ideologically, he presents a mixture different from any other Democrat in the field. He is a supporter of gun rights. He has been critical of his party for reflexively looking to tax increases to pay for social programs. Yet on Iraq, he is as outspoken as any of his rivals in his opposition to the war, and he advocates a complete withdrawal of all troops by the end of the year.

“My objective right now is to introduce myself to the American people – and for them to see that I’m a serious candidate with substance.”
His biggest challenge, he says, is to stand out in the field of eight candidates. And to make his biography known. He is the first Democrat to run television ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, a strategy even he describes as “a gamble.”
“You run the risk that voters, by the time they start voting, they forget the ads. That’s a risk, but my name recognition needs to improve,” Mr. Richardson says. “The ads are funny, they’re not traditional ads.

That’s the kind of candidate that I need to be – a candidate with a message of hope, candor and accomplishment.”

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