Monday, April 23, 2007

Cokie Roberts & Steven V. Roberts: Sell John McCain stock, buy Bill Richardson's

From Cokie & Steve Roberts:

Bill Richardson will turn 60 next fall and seems full of energy. In recent months he has traveled to Darfur and North Korea on diplomatic missions, which underscores the fact that he has actually held more government posts than any candidate in either party.Congressman, cabinet secretary, U.N. ambassador and now, two-term governor. And remember, we elect governors, not senators. In the past 30 years four governors have won the presidency; in our entire history, only two senators have accomplished that feat.
Then there was this blog entry by James Boyce on The Huffington Post: "On the left, the netroots-early-warning-detection-system is starting to buzz a little bit and the recipient of the buzz is Bill Richardson."
The reasons: He favors a complete pullout from Iraq, has real credentials on energy issues, and his mother is Mexican. Yes, his father was a wealthy American banker, and he attended a fancy New England prep school, but he speaks fluent Spanish and would appeal strongly to America's largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority.
"Richardson," writes Boyce, "will get a look over the next 60 to 90 days and if he transfers his growing online buzz into mainstream media buzz, watch out."
McCain and Richardson have the same bank balances, but their similarities end there. In the political marketplace today, one is a junk bond, the other a growth stock.

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