Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Lady Barbara Richardson Hosts Ceremony to Honor Victims of Virginia Tech Tragedy

First Lady Barbara Richardson Hosts Ceremony to Honor Victims of Virginia Tech Tragedy

Office of New Mexico Governor Press Release

(SANTA FE) Today outside the State Capitol Building First Lady Barbara Richardson hosted a ceremony to honor the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. New Mexico joined Virginia and more than a dozen other states as bells were rung simultaneously nationwide to remember the victims. First Lady Barbara Richardson offered the following remarks:
“Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has declared today a day of mourning and has asked states across America to stand with Virginia Tech to honor the victims of this tragedy. The Governor and I are honored to stand with Governor Kaine and his wife Anne. New Mexico is proud to stand with Virginia.”
“We stand with those who have lost loved ones and those who are on the road to recovery. We stand with those brave police officers, doctors, and educators who worked to bring students and teachers to safety. And we remain inspired by stories of teachers and students, who put themselves in harms way so that others might live.”
“At 10am today bells in Virginia, New Mexico, and across America will ring in remembrance of each life tragically cut short. The bells will ring and we will remember.”

Additional coverage from Albuquerque's KRQE News 13:

First lady Barbara Richardson said holding a service like this and ringing bells across the state is one way people can feel a connection to Virginia and the rest of the country.
“I think it's very important we do have this expression of support for those families and also to let the nation know we care,” Richardson said.
She also said connecting like this as a country helps in the healing of people who have had tragedies in their own lives.

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