Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bill Richardson's Poll Numbers are Rising -- Is He the Next Top Tier Candidate?

From PRWEB and Yahoo News:

Bill Richardson's Poll Numbers are Rising -- Is He the Next Top Tier Candidate?

Bill Richardson's improvement in the polls and his successful release of two television advertisements on YouTube to be aired on Iowa indicate that Richardson is up and rising.

Bill Richardson released two new television ads on the popular internet video sharing website YouTube.com on Tuesday May 8, 2007. In just a few days, these ads have had over 100,000 views and over 250 comments from others.
About three weeks ago, the Washington Post reported that Bill Richardson would be the first Democratic candidate running television advertisements in Iowa.
Since then, things have improved for governor Richardson. For the first time ever, American Research Group has Richardson polling above the margin of error according to its latest poll taken from April 27-30, 2007 approximately a week after the Washington Post article.
David Terr, who holds a PhD in Math from UC Berkeley and is the lead content developer at PresidentPolls2008.com, says, "Polling better than the margin of error is significant because it affirms that Bill Richardson has true suport." The idea behind all of that is the fact that you could add anybody's name, even a dead person, and still get 2% but getting more than the margin of error would theoretically requires true support.
"The fact that Bill Richardson is still a relatively unknown candidate according to the latest familiarity ratings, Richardson stands the most to gain as each of these candidates get their names and positions out there," says PresidentPolls2008.com.
With the successful launch of his new television ads on YouTube since May 8, things bode well for Richardson in Iowa and the rest of the presidential campaign.
To view all of the latest polls regarding the 2008 election, PresidentPolls2008.com is the nation's leading centralized location for free access to all of the latest national and state polls.
To view Bill Richardson's television ads on YouTube, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjOuL5qwNIc

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Anonymous said...

GO BILL! Trying to spread the word about the amazing commercials... here's the link, in case you want to embed (mash) the video. I've been telling all my friends that Bill's the man for MONTHS... now maybe they'll believe me :)