Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Richardson to announce candidacy

Richardson to announce candidacy

By Bruce Smith, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C. - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who has been campaigning for weeks for the nation's highest office, plans to announce Monday in Los Angeles that he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

Richardson, who was born in California and lived there briefly, will make his announcement at the Los Angeles Press Club. Aides to the governor said the backdrop will be several Hispanic leaders, underscoring Richardson's Hispanic heritage and the importance of California's Feb. 5 primary.

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TRW3 said...

Great news! Thanks to Michelle for keeping us all up-to-date, but if you're like me and believe that Bill Richardson is the executive leadership the country needs, plain and simple, then we need to come together on blogs like this, and elsewhere, and in community meetings, to show that support. You know the buzz: "great guy, can't win." It's wrong. Richardson is a winner, in Congress, and as Governor, and he's won in a tough swing state that may play a pivotal role in 2008. The buzz will change, if we all stand with him. Tomorrow is the day to start!