Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gov. Richardson: De-Authorize the War Now, No Residual Troops

Governor Richardson has written an op/ed for The Huffington Post:

De-Authorize the War Now, No Residual Troops
By Governor Bill Richardson

I first called for de-authorization of the war in Iraq in January, and I have repeated that call all around the country -- because I believe immediate de-authorization and removing all of our troops from Iraq this year is the only way to end Bush's war.
Congress should de-authorize the war today and demand that the President begin redeploying our troops.
There would be no need to negotiate the withdrawal with the President, and he could not veto the resolution.
The time has has come for Congress to stand up to this President who refuses to recognize that his war is bleeding our military and weakening our country. He believes mere stubbornness is a foreign policy and that he can just ignore the will of the American people. In the interest of our national security, he must be stopped.
Congress has the ability to end this war under the War Powers Act -- let's not wait or waver while more people die. And de-authorizing the war should mean removing all our troops. Every last one.

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Anonymous said...

What's being done in Colorado to support the Governor's run, e.g., meetings, rallies, etc.? Thanks.