Sunday, June 03, 2007

CNN: Richardson appears to be winning sign wars

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CNN) — He may be fourth in most polls, but New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson appears to be winning the sign wars here in Manchester.
We did an informal count of the number of campaign posters and signs as we drove from downtown Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city, to Saint Anselm College, where tonight’s debate is being held — and the winner appears to be the New Mexico Democrat.
There were Richardson signs on the front lawns of just about every house as we drove through a residential area right next to campus.
We’re giving second place in our informal poll to former Sen. John Edwards. There were a number of Edwards supporters posted at all four corners of a busy intersection about two miles from the debate site. And just outside of the school, there’s a large Edwards banner on an elevated platform machine.
Supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton apparently will not be out done. Just four driveways up the street from the Edwards banner, there was an even larger Clinton banner on another such cherry-picker machine.
There were a few Dodd and Biden signs, but we didn’t witness any signs or supporters for Sen. Barack Obama.

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