Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Help Bill Richardson End the Iraq War:

From Governor Bill Richardson:

I've been saying it for months. And just this morning, at the Take Back America conference, I made it crystal clear: my position on Iraq is totally different than every other candidate.

I want to start bringing ALL of our troops home right now -- every last one.

While other candidates push plans to get troops out sometime in Spring 2008, I am calling for all troops out in 6 months.

And, perhaps more importantly, while every other major candidate voted for or supported recent legislation with loopholes that allow Bush to leave an indeterminate number of troops indefinitely in Iraq, I want ALL of our troops out -- every last one.

That means no airbases, no embedded soldiers training Iraqi forces, no troops in the Green Zone. Zero troops. I would leave the customary small marine contingent at the embassy, but if that became unsafe, then I'd bring them home too.

I've had my campaign set up a website with the sole purpose of generating the grassroots support needed to get our troops home:

And I hope you will join me.

Sign the petition calling on Congress to end the war NOW and bring ALL the troops home.

Here's the deal: over 70% of Iraqis want us out of their country. Over 60% think its okay to kill Americans. At the rate we're losing American lives, over one thousand American troops will be killed this year alone. In a war where our troops are the #1 target, who are the poor souls we'd choose to leave behind?

Every indication is that Iraq is not getting safer -- it's getting more and more dangerous. Waiting until September to act will only lead to more lost American soldiers. We must act now.

That is why I am calling on Congress to de-authorize and end this war BEFORE they leave for their summer break.

The American people are with me -- we want this war over NOW and ALL the troops out.

Now we just have to pressure those in power to do what they've been elected to do.

I have had it with cautious leadership -- we need bold action. Congress can end this war now -- but they seem dead-set on waiting until the fall to do anything. I see no reason to give George Bush any more time to come up with absurd excuses and stalling tactics to drag out this war any longer.

Thank you for joining me to end this war now, and bring all of our troops home.


Bill Richardson

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