Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's message from Michelle

Through the past few years, we, as Americans, have seen destruction and felt horror and grief. We have traveled through the darkness, but we have never lost sight of the light. For we are a hopeful, idealistic people – who, through the deepest, most devastating darkness, never give up on our hope, never lose our faith, and keep pressing always toward the hopeful flame of promise and a bright, new tomorrow.

America is a special place. For through it all – the darkness, the fear, the difficulties – hope survives. And together, we will build a new tomorrow – in which our hopes and dreams will once again flourish and take flight. It will take time, patience, and resilience. It will take heart, courage, and compassion. It will require our faith, our unity, and our unyielding service and benevolence. But it will be so, because we are Americans. We have done this before, and we will do it again. For as long as a child goes hungry, as long as one goes in need, as long as there are houses to build, businesses to open, roads to pave, and bridges to build, hearts to comfort, and hands to hold – we will be there – because we are Americans, and this is what we do. And because, through it all – through the horror and sadness, through so much that is beyond words and expression – hope survives.

Hope survives – and will breathe free and flourish once again, throughout our great land – under the wise, strong, visionary leadership of Bill Richardson.

Today begins the journey into a new tomorrow. Together, with our hands, our voices, and our hearts, may we rise up and support, defend, illuminate, and propagate the ideas, issues, elements, and concerns that are paramount in our hearts and our lives – at home, across our country, and around the world. May we work together with commitment, faith, and confidence to assist and support the candidacy of the leader we believe in – Bill Richardson.

This is the dawning of a new day --- a day where we can and will believe in the power of our dreams – and the right and responsibility we have to dream them – a right and responsibility given to us from beyond the stars and entrusted to us by all those who have gone before us.

We live in an age where greatness is required of us. So, we will do what is difficult – and we will achieve what is great – if we choose, always, to stand up and be counted. WE are the people. NOW is the time. Let us begin.

Thank you for visiting this blog -- and thank you for all you do to support and promote the candidacy of Governor Bill Richardson for President of the United States.


andrea said...

Thanks Michelle! Happy new year to you too.

Holden said...

Michelle, your enthusiasm about Gov. Richardson is great. I just hope he gets the nessage and announces soon. I was firmly in Evan Bayh's camp for '08 and then he pulled the plug. Now Bill Richardson looks like the best-qualified and most electable Dem.