Saturday, January 06, 2007

Washington Post: Chris Cillizza's 2008 Line

From The Washington Post and Chris Cillizza's The Fix:

4. Bill Richardson: Richardson moves up a spot in the rankings thanks largely to Bayh's departure from the race. The New Mexico governor has been laying low of late, but his political aides have made clear that he absolutely continues to plan to run for the Democratic nomination in 2008. Richardson seems likely to paint himself as the only Western candidate -- a region of the country where Democrats have made considerable gains on the state and federal level over the past few elections. As we've said before, Richardson has the deepest and broadest resume of any candidate in the field and also a relentless energy that should translate well into the glaring national media spotlight. We still don't see how he makes the leap to challenge the big 3 candidates on the Democratic side, but he is as well-positioned as any candidate to move up if any of the big boys (and girl) stumble. (Previous ranking: 5)

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