Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Governor Bill Richardson Signs New Mexico Cockfighting Ban

March 12, 2007
(Santa Fe, NM) – New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson today enacted a ban on cockfighting in New Mexico.
With his signature, Senate Bill 10, a long sought statewide ban on cockfighting, became the law in New Mexico.
“Senate Bill 10 is fair and it is humane, said Governor Richardson. “I am proud that New Mexico will now move beyond cockfighting and join the 48 states that have already banned this outdated practice.”

More press coverage to follow....

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Anonymous said...

NEW MEXICO's WILD HORSE ADVOCATES are watching to see if BILL RICHARDSON WILL SIGN SB655 which is on his desk now. SB655 will protect and preserve NEW MEXICO's very few remaining WILD HORSES. RICHARDSON has supported the wild horses in the recent past. This bill was passed unanimously in the NM State House and had only one opposing Senator in the NM State Senate. This bill has been justified by two NM State Attorney generals. Bloggers are waiting for good news on this one as well.