Thursday, March 01, 2007

Message from Michelle

Hi friends -

Just a little FYI....

I apologize if it seems that the blog is not updated as often as it should be. I try to get on here daily and update things, but lately I've had trouble getting the Blogger login site to load. It seems that 80% of the time the site won't load for me...either I'm having computer problems, or it's a site snafu, or something. Just didn't want you guys to think I was wigging out.

New articles and updates will appear whenever I'm able to login to the site!


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Eric Riback said...

Sometimes blogger is very pokey. I have two things I do when that happens. One is just to do something else while waiting for the next page to load. The othger is to press the stop icon on the browser and next time I hit enter, really hit the key. Doesn't make any sense, but I've found that often works for slow web sites.