Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TV ALERT: Governor Richardson on "The Daily Show" and "Hardball"


Governor Richardson will be a guest, this afternoon, on "Hardball with Chris Matthews" (MSNBC) and, this evening, on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (Comedy Central). Check your local listings!

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Joel Day said...

The Richardson appearance was fantastic tonight on the Daily Show. Although brief, the governor’s good humor and natural ease was fun to see. John Stewart made a few jokes about the super-stardom of Hilary and Obama, but opened up a wide door for the Governor to talk about his vast experience both at home and abroad.
Now, I support Richardson because of his experience and expertise, but it was really fun to hear a story about his negotiations with Saddam Hussein – almost as though we were sitting around the Thanksgiving table listening to that really smart uncle tell us about his latest adventure.
While other candidates have ignored policy and instead focused on the personal narrative of their lives, it is becoming increasingly clear to many in the Democratic Party that we need to elect a person who can win the heart of all 50 States. And there is the difference between the Richardson campaign and the others: Obama and Hilary are trying to get Americans to identify with them – a cult of personality – but Richardson is increasingly showing that he wants to identify with us.
Richardson 2008.